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On the road to Beat-Herder – Mobius Loop

In the next few days leading up to Beat-Herder festival, we thought it would be a nice idea to check out which local bands will be representing the Lancashire Music Scene, so to kick things off here is a fantastic band from Preston called…

Mobius loop

Describing themselves as ‘ethereal world music’, Mobius loop are a phenomenal band hailing from Preston. Normally they are found at the Mad Ferret,  Beautiful Planet or some other Preston venue toting an eclectic mix of instruments, from violins to accordions to bongos to harps to the double bass and bringing them all together in one large orgy of sound.

Mobius Loop create big sounds. Sounds so big you would swear they are coming from every direction. Sounds so big you are not sure whether to dance or stand slack jawed at the spectacle. When bands have many instruments it often comes across as a bit of a mess, but Mobius Loop somehow manage to get it to work. Each instrument is skilfully woven into the songs, and they all appear to have a purpose rather than just being there for show.

The guiding forces behind Mobius Loop are ‘peace, love and unity’. The band’s Facebook page reads ‘Our objective is to create a harmonic resonance that captivates the infinite inspired by the now. Our music celebrates the holistic world we can see around us and the potential it has to heighten our knowledge provoking a more loving, pantheistic view upon this beautiful planet for all sentient beings.’

Regardless of how you feel about the new-age spiritualist ethos of the band, what is important is the passion with which they perform. They are not just there to entertain, they are on a spiritual mission, and that brings with it a purpose and a passion that makes for an incredible live act.

So if you are heading down to Beat-Herder next weekend, be sure to go and support Mobius Loop


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