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On the road to Beat-Herder – Mojofluxx

Well Beat-herder is just three days away! Continuing our quest to check out which Lancashire bands will be representing local talent, we present to you….


Perhaps one of the best new artists coming out of the region, MoJofluxx mix rap and bass heavy beats in to an rhythmic extravaganza. Creatively using samples, beats and fast, steady rap they create almost hypnotising records. The kind of songs you can feel as they root themselves in to the base of your central nervous system, making you jump and bob and move to their will. Check them out….

Of course this phenomenon is not limited to their studio tracks. Mojofluxx are an accomplished live act. Almost an event in the selves. Interactive and engaging, Mojofluxx are guaranteed to get everybody on the floor dancing. There is a warmth and a friendliness in their performance that can sometimes be missing from similar acts. It makes you want to get up there and dance with them.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I am terrible when it comes to writing about electronic music, hip-hop or rap, which is why I found Mojofluxx so refreshing. Their music comes with a touch of levity which broadens their appeal to everybody.  Mojofluxx are fun and entertaining, not just for lovers of heavy beats and fast flowing rap, but for anybody. If you’re in a crowd while Mojofluxx are playing and you’re not moving your body, consider getting medical attention, because you could be literally dead.

So if you are heading down to Beat-Herder, Mojofluxx are a must see. And if not, be sure to keep checking Red Rose Music because we will be checking what Mojofluxx get up to while there.

By Charlie Craven.


About charliecraven

Hey, so your reading this... that's nice. Anyway, I am a music journalist, plumber, fighter of dragons, doer of quests and saver of princesses. I like to go to gigs and then tell you what I thought of them.


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