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Jay Diggins

I first meet Jay Diggins in the beer garden of the Ring O Bells pub in Lancaster in April 2013. That evening, the Plastic Dolls Presents night lined up Jay along with Greenheart who double as his band when he goes out live. I had been given the heads up at a previous gig by … Continue reading

BBC Introducing Lancashire live at Thornton Little Theatre

Something big is coming to Thornton little theatre. On the 10th of August four amazing artists descend on the small town to create face-melting sounds and put on show so incredible, so spectacular, so absolutely awe-inspiring you won’t sit down for a week. ‘And just who is playing at this show’ I hear you ask, … Continue reading

BBC Introducing Lancashire 20th July 2013

BBC Introducing Lancashire Blog by Jamie Hamilton ‘This week, I have challenged myself to write an opening sentence that seamlessly eases you into the content of the BBC Introducing Lancashire show. That wasn’t it by the way, which I suppose means that it technically isn’t an opening sentence anymore but we’re just going to brush over that… … Continue reading

BBC Introducing Lancashire 13th July 2013

BBC Introducing Lancashire Blog by Jamie Hamilton ‘Summer sun and live sessions. What more could you ask for on a mid-July weekend? BBC Lancashire didn’t single-handedly part the clouds, lasso the sun and heave it over the usually dreary British Isles, but we are providing some suitably wonderful acoustic sessions to suit the occasion courtesy … Continue reading

On the road to Beat-Herder – Mojofluxx

Well Beat-herder is just three days away! Continuing our quest to check out which Lancashire bands will be representing local talent, we present to you…. Mojofluxx Perhaps one of the best new artists coming out of the region, MoJofluxx mix rap and bass heavy beats in to an rhythmic extravaganza. Creatively using samples, beats and … Continue reading

On the road to Beat-Herder – Mobius Loop

In the next few days leading up to Beat-Herder festival, we thought it would be a nice idea to check out which local bands will be representing the Lancashire Music Scene, so to kick things off here is a fantastic band from Preston called… Mobius loop Describing themselves as ‘ethereal world music’, Mobius loop are … Continue reading

Live Music Lancaster

There is always a nagging wretch rubbing its thorny back up against the pit of your stomach, twisting and writhing like some regret of Sodom: Argh! the bastard, as Bruce Lee would say…when you do something for the second time after a triumphant opener. What went so right on that first date with the new … Continue reading

Great excite

Much excitement here at Red Rose Music Lancs as we are going to be at a great local festival over the summer and we’re also teaming up with a brilliant organisation that puts on gigs too. All Lancashire musicians, producers, DJs, video makers and writers please get in touch. I will post more when I … Continue reading

Nine Black Alps – Gig Review and interview – 28/03/13

Gig Review The main reason that Nine Black Alps are such an enjoyable band to see live is because they are just so unpretentious.There is something refreshing about going to see a band play who don’t care about how ‘Rock-and-roll’ they come across, they only care about the music and putting on a great show. … Continue reading

Known for pushing the standards of drum and bass production, as well as introducing untapped potential to the scene, IM:LTD has come to be synonymous with quality control. This latest release sees them keeping the momentum gained from the highly anticipated Future 9 EP, released at the start of the year, IM show no sign…

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