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Jay Diggins

I first meet Jay Diggins in the beer garden of the Ring O Bells pub in Lancaster in April 2013. That evening, the Plastic Dolls Presents night lined up Jay along with Greenheart who double as his band when he goes out live. I had been given the heads up at a previous gig by … Continue reading

Live Music Lancaster

There is always a nagging wretch rubbing its thorny back up against the pit of your stomach, twisting and writhing like some regret of Sodom: Argh! the bastard, as Bruce Lee would say…when you do something for the second time after a triumphant opener. What went so right on that first date with the new … Continue reading

Roses are Red

The Yorkshire House is arguably Lancaster’s best music venue. Those who argue this are usually drunk. The 130 capacity upper room has an intimate stage set high enough off the floor so that if you were to stage dive and miss your adoring fan you might get away with a broken metatarsal: back to work … Continue reading

Who’s from Blackpool, anybody?

The wind whipping, whirling and whoring itself all over me is almost disorientating as it serves my welcome, the kind of welcome a highwayman dreads as the town hangman approaches his cell, rapping his thumbs screws along the damp stone wall of the keep. The north shore is bleak. The uninviting streets are fifty shades … Continue reading

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