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BBC Introducing Lancashire live at Thornton Little Theatre

Something big is coming to Thornton little theatre. On the 10th of August four amazing artists descend on the small town to create face-melting sounds and put on show so incredible, so spectacular, so absolutely awe-inspiring you won’t sit down for a week.

‘And just who is playing at this show’ I hear you ask, though the virus I planted in your laptop microphone. Well, let me tell you in list form.


Well, what can we say about Mike Dignam? Hot off a sell-out tour supporting Lawson and just about to embark on a UK tour of his own, Mike Dignam writes songs that will make your world slow down to a halt. Soulful, dramatic and powerful, Mike’s command over music is something to behold. Like a     rainbow. It’s hard to describe. Just watch the video yourself…

Mike first appeared on BBC introducing way back in 2008 and instantly made a lasting impression with his catchy, groovy tunes. He is a fantastic performer and is sure to wow any audience.

2. David Shurr

Blond, brilliant and just a touch bohemian, David writes just really, really lovely songs. Perhaps one of the most talented singer song writers to come out of the Preston area, nay, the whole of Lancashire, he brings a rare warmth and sincerity to his music. The songs feel like a labour of love, you get the distinct feeling David loved sculpting every note, every chord, every syllable of every lyric in to something exquisite. Don’t believe me? Check out this…

3.Jess Roberts

Blackpool is a pretty happy place, it has lights, some piers and all the two penny machines you can shake a stick at. Generally being happy place, one has to wonder where this young sandgrown’un (the technical name for people from Blackpool) singer got her soulful voice. Jess Roberts was nominated for best newcomer at The National Country Awards, and it is very easy to see why, with a beautiful voice and songs showing a wisdom beyond her years, Jess is fantastic. Take a listen to this…

4. Jamie Brewer.

For my very short summation of Jamie Brewer I am very tempted to write just one word. Mindboggling. There have been Santanas and Hendrixs and Robert Johnsons and now there is Jamie Brewer. And if you think I have exaggerated, have a gander at this…

That is one human being. One person made that orchestra of sound. Jamie brewer playing guitar is basically the equivalent of one someone solving a Rubik’s cube, in five seconds, in a shark tank. It’s that kind of incredible.

Now I hear you. ‘gee, that does sound good. But how much does it cost? I would probably part with a pretty penny for all of that’. Well it’s free! You heard me, FREE! All you have to do is go to this link

and pick up your tickets. Crazy right?

See you there.

By Charlie craven

About charliecraven

Hey, so your reading this... that's nice. Anyway, I am a music journalist, plumber, fighter of dragons, doer of quests and saver of princesses. I like to go to gigs and then tell you what I thought of them.


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