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BBC Introducing Lancashire 20th July 2013

BBC Introducing Lancashire Blog by Jamie Hamilton

‘This week, I have challenged myself to write an opening sentence that seamlessly eases you into the content of the BBC Introducing Lancashire show. That wasn’t it by the way, which I suppose means that it technically isn’t an opening sentence anymore but we’re just going to brush over that… Here we go: I have been wearing red socks now for two weeks running, which is a coincidence because in the studio this week we have Two Weeks Running and Redd. Seamless.

Two Weeks Running

Two Weeks Running

Two Weeks Running make our feet dance and our head nod with a good new fashioned bit of live Danckaltie. Danckaltie is a catchy phrase that I have coined for alternative indie rock that makes you want to dance. I think it will definitely catch on. It might also be a place in Scotland, I’m not sure.

It’s bloody Lancishur

Sean teaches voice over artists how to speak ‘Propur Lancishur’ before having a chinwag with Redd about her current goings on, PAs, having a number 1 hit [in Finland] and some surprising influences.

Meanwhile, Amy and I (a.k.a. ‘the dream team’ – we’re gonna get t-shirts made) take on the potholes in the Beebmobile all the way to the promised land of Tockholesbury.  With the unexpected rip-roaring success of Tockholesbury 2012 (I was there and they actually ran out of beer), the festival was expanded this year with 24 bands spread across 3 stages, optional camping, a much bigger bar and more plentiful supplies of alcohol. Oh, and a cheese stall.

Drinkaware not

Despite Amy’s best efforts, the only drinking in that we’re doing is that of the atmosphere as we catch up with some of the artists and organisers. We speak with Nick from the Wagon Wheels in an overly cosy camper, then get ourselves chucked out and have to settle for less cosy (but equally interesting) car park chats with New York Tourists, India Mill and co-organiser Jamie Carter. Tockholesbury 2014 anyone?

If that’s not enough for your local music related cravings, we have tracks from Cassiopeia, The Jackpot Golden Boys, Thomas Rowland, Next Stop Atlanta, Driven Overboard and loads more. Still not satisfied? Well… You’ll have to wait until next week then when we have Bondax at The Beat Herder festival, Aquillo in rural Lancashire and a report from Charlie Craven.’



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