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My Bloody Valentine – what is all the fuss about?

So the NME and lots of other places have been awash with My Bloody Valentine and their second coming after 20 years in the er… wilderness.

So what’s the big deal? Well… we’re not sure here at Red Rose Music Lancs.

So to try and ensure this blog is at the er… “cutting edge” of music (by writing about a 20 year old band) we thought we’d have a dip into the old stuff and the new stuff and take a fresh listen.

First let’s take a listen to the old stuff… from 1991. That was the year that Michael Jackson signed a billion dollar with Sony, Nirvana released Nevermind in September and it was also the year in which Noel’s House Party  was first viewed on the television by people who couldn’t be arsed getting up off the sofa to change channels. (You had to get up to press buttons on the T.V. back then unless you had a new one.)

It’s kind of how I remember it, the waves of crashing guitars I like so much, but struggling to find enough tunes to keep me occupied. They were on Creation Records which also housed one of my favourite bands in the world ever… Ride.

So here’s their 1991 musical offering Nowhere.

Listen song by song and unless you just prefer music without tunes, Ride is a massively better album.

Anyhoo… my point is this. If My Bloody Valentine making an album 20 years on is such big news let’s ask ourselves why?

A tragic lack of people like Alan McGee is one reason… looking at the article in The Guardian (culled from ‘Louder Than War‘) that man brought to the world at least 5 of my favourite bands. McGee knew how to engender a culture of creativity within a band. In the early days this was fuelled by a phenomenal appetite for drugs which is not big or clever obviously but it did the trick for McGee and co for a time at least.

How can a band produce their best music when they’re being hawked round clothing companies and other brands like a desperate out of work model? A band is a creative car crash and an album should be a snap shot of that… so timing is everything. Those minds need to be thinking about music, not meetingT.V. t****, branding morons and syncing scene kids.

Each time a musician meets one of these people they die inside just a little bit. I do understand the business necessities here but if the bands don’t make a good first album because they don’t have that creative guide who puts them where they need to be do do their best work then you don’t have a product, or an industry, or fans to sell clothes and trainers to.

Bands should play music when they’re told and outside of that, just shut the f*** up. Make them play as many gigs as they can without killing them, then throw them into a studio with a drug crazed sociopath to make an album.

Who is there now who can do this? Thoughts on a postcard please.

Here’s My Bloody Valentine’s new album. I wish them well (they’re Irish so they’re alright with me) but it makes me wonder who’s going to mentor and bring to the world some new artists/bands that I can turn up way too loud and wait for my ears bleed?

Oh and can someone point me to a tune on this?



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