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EP REVIEW: Franco & The Dreadnought – The Platt Fields EP

All the profits from this latest solo effort from Franco & The Dreadnought will be donated to the “Friends of Platt Fields” group who help to run and manage the large Platt Fields park in South Manchester.

Desperate to help the community group, Franco has done it the best way he possibly can, by picking up his guitar and crafting 3 delightful original songs.

Opener “Platt Fields” is an ode to the Rusholme park which with its mixture of memories, nostalgia and strained emotion creates a bond between the listener, Franco and Platt Fields – even if the park to which he is writing his love letter, is one you know nothing of.

Staying heartfelt and not sounding contrived when singing about love for a park is a tough task but here it is spun into a tale of devotion that goes further than just being about a green area of Manchester.

A song inspired by reading Hunter S. Thompson’s mad fantasy “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and goes on to attack “white trash” for burning crosses should not stand out as jaunty, easy listening, indie pop.

But that is exactly what “American Dream” manages to be.

Considering the anger that resonates from some of the lines it is still feels remarkably easy to dance to, see if you can restrain yourself from having a merry little dance to it…go on.

Slower and more haunting in places, “This One’s Mine” starts with a feeling of the grass is greener on the other side and finishes with a cautious positivity.

The frustrated, grasping “So high, my arms won’t touch the sky” transforms into the triumphalism of “This one’s mine, this one’s mine” and the retort of “I don’t believe you, I don’t need you.”

Platt Fields finale is a live acoustic verion of the title track, stripped back and low-key it lacks some of the sparkle of the full version but the minimalistic nature gives the vocals more prominence and a raw edge.

Good music, good cause – what are you waiting for?

You can buy Platt Fields from the Franco & The Dreadnought Bandcamp page and you can watch the video for “Platt Fields” the single, below.


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