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EP REVIEW: Ryan Jarvis – Outside This Town

The first official release from Ryan Jarvis is gentle, soothing and charming.

Jarvis, a self-confessed fan boy of the Manchester music scene has created an acoustic, heartfelt record which combines the feeling of a love-struck teenager in a bedroom with just a guitar for company with a developing and authentic musician.

A demo release last year was promising but let-down by poor recording which made it feel timid and slightly passive. Two of the tracks featured on that demo are re-recorded here with to great effect.

One of those tracks “Shy Away’s” offerings of “fallen angel, from the stars above, no care for the world, just her first love” help tell the aching, tragic story of a shyness intertwined with a need to be with a loved one.

Now unhindered by having to record it on a mobile phone, this time around it skips and bounces along, the emotion bubbling at the surface rather than shying away.

A love song set in a depressing, difficult world – a reminder live is hard – “Outside this Town” paints a grim picture of failure, disappointment and broken promises but yet with the soothing, drifting vocals and the sweet, idealistic almost fanciful notion of “Darling, we’ve got each other, that’s all that matters in this world” it feels like everything will be okay.

Like an open love letter, “Shine For Me” has a dreamy, heart melting quality to it as it drifts along telling the story of a devotion and a beautiful, perfect romance – “The sun shines for you and me, angels the moon lights up the night for you.”

Love and its offshoots obviously occupy much of Jarvis’ musical inspiration as “Thought of You” is an ode to a smile “so bright it stops the sun” and the need to spell a loved one’s “name in the stars.”

Gentle, unassuming with a promising ability to channel emotion into tender, cute indie-pop songs, the first EP from Ryan Jarvis delivers a teasing glimpse into the world of a growing, burgeoning musician.

You can purchase Outside This Town on Ryan Jarvis’ Big Cartel page.

Also – “Shine For Me” and “Outside This Town” can be streamed for free on his Soundcloud page.


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