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Album Review: Mitford Rebel – Kings & Fools

Mitford Rebel are a rock band formed in Lancaster in 2010 consisting of three females and a male drummer. Their debut album, Kings and Fools, was released in June after the band’s success on the road around the UK, Joel Durkin reviews.

“HRH Queen Green” is one of the early stand out tracks. The track is more reserved, with a bass driven rhythm section assisting the vocals initially. The track builds into a forceful rock sounding chorus before returning again to a low key bass driven verse to round off an accomplished tune.

The album’s fourth track “Dead Funk Band”, is definitely one of the best, a fast paced all-consuming blast of female fronted punk, in which half sung, half shouted vocals come together with the same simple but effective guitar and a simple but unforgiving drumbeat which is definitely best listened to loud.

“Between the Lines” follows the same formula, giving the false sense of melodic security, which is slowly eaten away by vocals and overdriven guitar, descending into a chaotic chorus.

The band’s formula is clear, begin melodically and develop the sound of each track into a fast, punk rock assault, occasionally returning to the to the melodic beginnings.

“No Man Is A Greek Island” appears towards the end of the eight-tracker and brings something slightly different. The track’s build up is immediate and effective. An interesting guitar riff takes prominence and the song seems heavier than the rest bringing in just what is needed to take the album on a different and exciting path.

“Punishment” is a real treat and sums up what is an unorthodox and emotional album. The track begins melodically, progressively developing into vocal led madness, which is echoed in strong, crunchy guitar lines.

Although the band’s next album will bring challenges and the quartet will have to look to see how they can develop and diversify, this is a solid effort for a band who have found a fresh and unique rock sound.

You can purchase the album on Amazon now.


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