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EP Review: Johnnie Squizzercrow – Keith

Call Me Diva’s bassist Guy has penned a new solo EP which takes the listener to far off lands that are vastly different to the influences and destinations of a Call Me Diva record.

Going under the alias Johnnie Squizzercrow he has released a new set of material, named Keith. The EP is one he says is of a “niche” variety and he is rather correct in that verdict on his own work.

Whereas Call Me Diva is fuzzy, soft rock here there is a world of robotic synth and space age sounds. “U like that” is hypnotic and the robotic, groaning vocals feel like they would feel right at home at a Star Trek disco.

The official website describes the whole thing as an “experiment” and that is a perfect way to describe this. It is intriguing and mad, rather like someone putting The Bends by Radiohead into a microwave.

It should be out of kilter and odd, but the hypnotic rhythm and drum beat make it a dancey grooving opener.

“Silly Bubu” opens with a psychedelic slide guitar and the whispery female vocals kick in, floating along. The harder guitar sections give it an Indie/electro kick and this track feels more based in reality than the opener but doesn’t lose any of its soaring action feel.

If the Mighty Boosh need any tracks to act as backing music during any new series, they need to look no further than “God is on the case.” Warning Klaxons, pounding drums and vocals imploring “there’s nothing to see here” make it feel like a trip on something strong.

Bizarre but loveable, it melts into your subconscious effortlessly taking you in under its spell.

“Bear in the wood” is more low, robotic, metallic vocals and twinkling bursts of sound. Short and sweet at just over two minutes it’s more awkward magic.

The EP Keith for all it’s strange, supposedly ridiculous traits is still perfectly listenable. You’ll dance at some bits and chime along to others. For example, try not repeating “Bear in the woods” in a silly voice after listening to it, it is impossible.

If Call Me Diva’s power rock is the day job then this is dressing up in women’s clothes on a Wednesday night. It is that far removed from Squizzercrow’s main musical calling but it is intriguing, beguiling and most certainly “niche.”

You can listen to Keith on the Johnnie Squizzercrow website.







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