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Discover Talbot Wednesdays – Helping live music

Since November last year Burnley has had an excellent monthly music night. Geared towards Indie/Rock music Talbot Wednesdays is a smoothly run mission to keep music live and to provide a quality night out.

Held at the Talbot Hotel in Burnley, a place with an excellent reputation for gigs it is going from strength to strength. We spoke to the man behind it all, Warren Hartley to get the lowdown on Talbot Wednesdays.

So, how did this all start?

About a year ago a company called Sound Investment came and put some shows and regional finals on at the Talbot and they were really great and well run shows.Having looked at what Sound Investment did it seemed possible to do something like that at the Talbot permamently, so we got this night running.

At about the same time, a band called Metonia that I had been managing split up. I was left with a big hole in my life and nothing to do so I thought why not put a night on?

I went from band management to band promotion and Talbot Wednesdays was born last November.

For people who want to attend the gig, give us the details.

It is usually the second Wednesday of every month. It is at the Talbot Hotel in Burnley and it is FREE entry. 

We usually average about seventy people a night, so the atmosphere is great for both the bands and the people who come down to watch.

What kind of bands do you have on at the night and why?

We have Indie and Rock bands on mostly, as well as electronic bands. The reason for this is that Burnley has a metal night at Sanctuary bar and has a fair few nightclubs but Indie music was further afield in Manchester and Preston, so there was a gap in the market.

What do you require from bands who play? And what do you provide?

All we ask is that they have a forty minute set of original material they can perform. We provide a drum kit, PA system and an engineer.

We also pay bands £25 upfront.

Are you still after bands to perform?

We are booked up till December BUT we only in between bands we have music playing and it is only ever unsigned bands that we play.

The reason is that there are some fantastic bands out there who deserve to be heard and this is a great way to give something back to the bands. All they have do is send me a link or download on my Facebook page or email at talbotwednesdays@gmail.com

So It’s Indie, rock and electronic music. Excellent, any other variations?

There is also acoustic specials, usually every three months or so and our next one is in August.

That one will feature Emmott and The Folkestra, Jay Stansfield and Lucy Zirins.

When is the next one?

The next event happening is Wednesday 11th July. Featuring The Feud, Fools Parade and Stations


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  1. Thankyou Red Rose Music. TWx http://www.facebook.com/talbotwednesdays

    Posted by Talbot Wednesdays | July 9, 2012, 2:28 pm

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