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Album Review: The Slow Readers Club – The Slow Readers Club

The debut, self titled album from The Slow Readers Club harnesses their Indie/Electro sound and manages at times to fill the picture full of colour and energy and simultaneously feel broody, downbeat and thoughtful.

Opener “One Chance” shows that off perfectly with twinkling background noises offsetting the slow, grim vocal of “Whilst the creeping cancer’s chewing at your bones” and then the trot becomes a canter as it turns into a fast paced, pop laden half chanted, half pleaded chorus “Give me one last chance.”

Upbeat, excitable and catchy “One More Minute” is anchored by mainstream, pop heavy guitar riffs that sound like they are straight from a Pigeon Detectives album. Sing-along is one way of describing it, anthemic is another.

The whole thing is a play with two very different acts interspersed in one. Dark lyrics and decadence splashed together with electric colour, furiously hyper guitar riffs and a poppy, carefree charm.

“All Hope” tells an unknown soul that “My favourite dreams are the ones where you are suffering.” yet the deep resentment there is partnered perfectly with a chime, a twinkle and a bicycle bell like twinkle.

Similar too on “Feet on Fire” which tells the story of a throw away one night lover who “Hunts me down, hunts me down, hunts me down for the rest of my life.”

The thump, thump drum beat turns into almost a dance tune, giving it a get up and go it carries perfectly.

“Lost Boys” and “Learn to Love the System” are rails against the way the world goes, the world order and the broken dreams and promises we all encounter.

The rushing falsetto and space age effect give “She wears a Frown” a Muse like feel and closer “You’re Wasting my Time” starts off as a low key acoustic before exploding into life with the chaotic strings and the vocals which are burrowing deeper, creating a lasting impression.

The people who pick the music for the end of dramas will be taking note of “She Wears a Frown.”

Broken dreams, regrets and bitterness litter this debut but rather than festering they are mixed together with chimes, strings, twinkles and riffs which create an accomplished, intriguing debut album which at times comes across as the lovechild of Snow Patrol and Arcade Fire, with Muse and Embrace as the godparents.

Impressive stuff.

Below is the video for the single and album track “Feet on Fire.”

The full album is available to buy on iTunes or Amazon.


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