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Album Review: The Heartbreaks – Funtimes

The Heartbreaks over the last few months have slowly but surely broken their way into the minds of music critics and fans alike with their energetic brand of Indie Pop/Rock.

Infused with a wry, sharp mind the Morecambe 4 piece have grabbed attention with “Liar, My Dear” “Jealous Don’t You Know “Winter Gardens” and “Delay, Delay” all getting tongues wagging.

The album, Funtimes has taken the innocent romance, the energy and the optimism and moved it up a notch – creating one hell of a fine debut.

Tales of live and love and erm, rain in Morecambe, Funtimes has all the sounds to be the soundtrack of the summer.

Comparisons to The Smiths have been forthcoming and on this evidence, certainly warranted. There are shimmers of Smiths like guitar work all over this record from the twinkles on “Liar My Dear” which have echoes of This Charming Man to the start of “Gorgeous” which with its delightful two paced entry feels like an extension of text-book Smiths.

They are not though, some poppy Smiths rehash. They tread a path through Funtimes which feels gloriously positive and individual. “Delay, Delay” is about “seizing the moment” a symbol of positive thinking if ever the was one. Indeed, even the seeming world-weary “I would love to see you, but life gets in the way” is sung with an uplifting charm, a sense of revelling in what you have.

As debut records go it is an accomplished, tight record which manages not to fall into the Indie-Pop trap of creating one successful single and nine rehashes of the same jangly three minutes. From The Smiths sharpness on Liar, My Dear to the cool, dismissive attitude of “I know it’s a blow to know you can’t trust me as far as you can throw me” on “Remorseful” to the happy, eternally carefree loved up “Gorgeous.”

The Heartbreaks should be on everybody’s radar, they are jangly enough for the light-hearted followers of floppy Indie bands such as The Kooks and yet sharp enough, tight enough, clever enough for the souls who harp back to The Smiths.

“Our little town, we’ll be the pride of it someday” muses singer Matt Whitehouse on Delay, Delay…They better get prepared because it’s happening already.

Funtimes Indeed.

You can buy Funtimes on iTunes now or listen to it free on Spotify.

The remaining dates of their tour can be found on their Official Facebook page.

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