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EP Review: Time Stand Still – The Vanity Project

When folk trio The Vanity Project released four demo tunes last year, Red Rose had a look and the general judgement was that there was lots of potential for the three-piece to progress nicely.

Their debut official release Times Stands Still, does a good job of fulfilling that early promise.

“Strained” was the judgement on some of the vocals last time round, but here there are no such problems, Emma Mills has a voice that is smooth and rich which helps the tracks slide along nicely.

These recordings have a lightness to them, a story telling and a whiff of nostalgia… “Cassette tape, Dylan playing, wind is blowing” is one such example of lovely little stories which help this EP breeze by.

“Questions Unanswered” features a set of decidedly dodgy backing vocals which sound far too much like the music from the  Lloyds TSB adverts. It’s a slower, more ponderous questioning ballad in comparison with the bright and breezy opener.

“We have no worries in the world” goes the hook for “Summer, Sangria & Song” as we are treated to a feel-good summery 3 minutes. The Vanity Project shine much brighter when they set the scene of happiness like this rather than doom and gloom.

Leaving the summer folk behind “What Really Matters” is a preach about the significant things in life, forget the material possessions.

Although “It don’t mean a thing” is effectively catchy, the happiness is gone from this and it suffers  as result, plus some of it feels shoved together and disjointed.

Smooth and slick for the most part, The Vanity Project have built well since they released their initial first demos. This record demonstrates a clear pattern – that they need to forget the worries, stop the political moans and concentrate on what this EP in parts does fantastically, which is write story telling feel good folk music.

You can listen to or download the EP for free, below:


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