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EP Review: Falter – Falter

By Josh Maun

Alternative Metal group Falter are one many fine Blackburn based offerings to the Lancashire music scene. Formed in 2010, they released their first, self-titled, EP in September 2011.

The four-piece band are made up of Tom Eccles: Vocals, Matt Flaherty: Guitar, Phil Earnshaw: Drums and Joe Walsh: Bass. Influenced by a variety of artists and genres their unique sound comprises heavy metal, hard rock and grunge to give a fierce and thrilling intensity to their music.

The opening track is “Hundred Reasons”, starting with a bit of feedback that takes you into the grunge style guitar giving the track an almost live feel to it. The drums then crash into the mix giving a heavier feel to the track, yet not too heavy for the non-metal fan. Straight from the off you can feel that this band can quite aptly produce a big sound. The voice of lead singer starts soft and high pitched with good tone complimented by the music. The bass needs turning up in parts to stop sections feeling too muted but encouragingly as the song develops this is alternated with a much darker, deeper, demonic screaming for the chorus, showing the range of the metal artist.

“Hospice” starts with a much softer feel to it and feels almost Nirvana-esque. The track has a slower pace to it but crucially has a percussion which feels bursting with life, ready to pounce rather than trundling along and it does at points really jump up and hit home.

Throughout there is a lot of harmonic ‘wailing’ from the Eccles providing an extra edge to track making it stick in the mind and gritty offerings like “his wailing based on suffering” give the track a dirty, real edge.

Sums up all the best parts of this EP, the control and variety creating a storming tune.

Picking up the pace for a final flourish, “Worship.” The track opens with much heavier drumming on the snare, bringing in the beat along with the guitar and vocals.

More lyrical, clearer and sharper the words grasp out of the CD player, particularly “Why do I keep Jumping Outside – Jumping Into your little lies”  as it harks out from the second verse .

There are a few little quieter parts within providing a well worked contrast from the gut busting drumming and blasting vocals. This track again builds toward the end with a couple of heavy choruses onto the last minute or so letting the bands metal influence show.

This is EP is very strong and you don’t have to be a metal or grunge fan to enjoy this record as it has a freshness that appeals to all, that being it is fucking good music.

The band’s identity ultimately shines through which is always encouraging to see on early records.

You can listen to or download the EP on Bandcamp.


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