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EP Review: Today, They Are Older – Universal

Today, They Are Older are an experimental metal band from the North West. Their debut EP Universal, released on Twister Records,  is a clever first effort at outlining their own sound in the metal genre.

Their sound ranges from metalcore and hardcore to elements of lighter British guitar rock. Opening track ‘Outcomes’ combines a variety of genres into a laid back rock style. After a lengthy and sparse but exciting build up, the song picks up the pace giving a hint of what is to come from the EP whilst retaining melodic and tuneful vocals.

Although the guitar and drums hint at a heavier sound, the control of the song shows that the band are not afraid to combine different genres and sounds.

‘Any sign of life’ adopts a more regular metal sound. It begins with a light intro before delving into a guitar driven verse of screaming cut up with sung choruses. The track is quite a far cry from the first track of the EP, highlighting the bands diversity. However, the sung parts of the track seem to come in when expected and it is hard to get away from the idea that song could be enhanced by the band playing around with the order a bit more.

Third and final track ‘Anger is more useful than despair’ lives up to its name.

A progressive hardcore sound stripped down to its elements, it is by far the heaviest track of the three, and an absolute cracker. The shouted vocals are spot on and the numerous heavy guitar riffs compliment them perfectly, inviting a second listen immediately.

Overall ‘Universal’ is a diverse and rewarding effort for a debut EP. On the whole it is easy on the ears for quite an experimental band and the main drawback of the EP is that it isn’t a couple of tracks longer.

Listening to the EP gives the feel that there a lot of potential within this group and their willingness to combine different genres mean they could take their sound in any direction they wish.

You can listen to the EP on Spotify or buy it from the Twister Records store.

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