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Demo EP review – Ryan Jarvis

As journeys in music go, Ryan Jarvis is at the very beginning of his but the progress is impressive.

Last week saw him support Glasvegas on tour, not bad considering he has no official releases yet and only a small but growing band of fans.

Although he has no official releases right now, he does have an EP of demos available online and after Red Rose saw him perform recently we felt it was appropriate to have a listen and give you the lowdown.

The recordings as Jarvis admits were done quickly and cheaply and thus are not of the greatest quality, thankfully it doesn’t detract too much from the songs themselves.

At seventeen he is just beginning to develop as a musician and as such these initial tunes do not fly far from the path of those he claims as inspirations.

”Most Manchester music” he says influences him on his Facebook profile and these acoustic offerings are exactly the kind of things most Manchester musicians started off with.

That said Jarvis has a calming, soothing voice and that combined with the nostalgia he offers is a pleasant listen.

“Watch you fall” and its primary school reflections and the love letter feel of “Thought of you” have a softness and hesitancy which is mellow and comforting.

“Shy Away” tells the tale of being shy and hiding away, and the undertones of caring and love are there again. Whether it be the vocals or the recording quality, this tune feels stronger, more confident and skips through the 3 minutes rather than trundling.

The demos are three songs which convey caring, nostalgia and an ability to express emotion which when coupled with better recording will really shine.

There is real potential here with “Shy Away” already a belter, as Jarvis develops musically and has more experience to draw upon he could be one to watch.

You can listen to the demo EP on the Ryan Jarvis Music Facebook page.

Also available is a free download of “Shine For Me.”

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