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Live Review: The Mannequins at The Globe with Ryan Jarvis

Glossop’s Pretty People were out in force to watch The Mannequins play their first hometown show since Christmas, this Easter weekend.

The 4 piece indie boys have gigged semi-regularly recently and this return home saw them sell out upstairs at The Globe.

Support Ryan Jarvis took to The Globe stage hot on the heels of his recent stint supporting Glasvegas, a brave decision by The Mannequins to pick someone of such pedigree to go on before them!

His acoustic swagger and Miles Kane style took hold of the room as he displayed both his talent and room-holding skills in equal measure.

The first few confident indie strums were enough to see some people leave their seats to stand and get a closer look. Indeed the set was a selection of firsts. “You’re notes, my change” was a gorgeous little love song which saw the first clap along of the night.

“Shine for me” a fairytale like ode to running away and starting again brought yet more standing fans to the dance floor, a gorgeous affair it can be downloaded for free on his official Bandcamp page.

Recognising his responsibility to get the crowd going he led Glossop through a resounding sing a long to “Sally Cinnamon” which bounced around the little attic room wonderfully.

Seemingly grateful he had played them a cover, the crowd responded enthusiastically to his further original offerings, “Shy Away” recieved universal acclaim in the clapping stakes and “Tomorrow Lasts Forever” was being sung back at Jarvis by the end of its four minutes.

Ending on the slow, thoughtful “Thought of you” showcased his writing skills and the rendition of James’s “Tomorrow” turned the crowd up another gear. Splendid.

By the time The Mannequins had ventured onstage, the dancefloor was full and the room at capacity. “You’ll Be Amazed” with it’s Arctic Monkeys riffs and daring pace set them off at a gallop, bouncing round the room with its catchy refrains hooking the gathered disciples quickly.

That momentum was rather lost as they bizarrely played just the chorus of early tune “Battleships.” It was out of place and strange, early initiative lost.

The middle of the set was competent but struggled to gallop. “Pay 2 Play” with its cow bell-like bass got the pace up again but the usually excellent sounding “St.Mary’s” left a number of punters complaining the vocals were totally lost.

The Pink Floyd resonances of “Redness” sounded decent enough, but the gaggle of girls who stood stage right had begun conversations rather than standing watching Mr Eyre and his gang. At this point a rescue remedy was needed to get the paying punters really going for it.

“We’ve not played this one in a while” was the explanation from frontman Eyre at the start of “Oyez, Oyez, Oyez” and as gambles go it was an excellent one. The girls who looked so nonplussed during the early sections, turned themselves round to have a good gawk and a dance.

Indeed Oyez saw the crowd let itself really go, one Carlos Puyol lookalike in particular really bounced around as he let the music take over. In truth it was set list of two halves, the first of casual indifference and the second of full audience participation.

“Pretty People” is a slow burner but at these hometown shows is slowly becoming their signature tune, their anthem.

This small and quaint town has proven itself adept at a sing along over the years and tonight was no exception “We are the pretty people, conforming is not allowed” was bellowed back as The Mannequins finally grabbed the audience truly by the balls.

Normally getting your audience up for it and following it with a shy bloke and a harmonica is not a great move but “Exclusion” is a fan favourite that deserves its place on the setlist, another upwards shift through the gears.

 It was also notable for the exit from the stage of James Eyre who not needed for the song strolled triumphantly to the front row to watch his band mates perform, a lovely touch of swagger about him,  which perhaps he could add more of to his all round onstage presence.

“Deception” and “Gestures” are both staple Mannequins songs from the first EP and the former was especially well received, dancing and singing alike here – once again the Carlos Puyol lookalike got his moves out and led the crowds moves rather well.

It was during Gestures that local DJ Lyam Bradley entered the stage and became the bands “Bez” figure for the night, dancing, strolling and gesturing whilst grinning from ear to ear. Rather than stealing the show he casually added to the spectacle and maybe even cheekily taught Mr. Eyre how he should use his stage space.

Rather than a favourite “Elephants in Denmark” is a tune with promise, which showed as the response was positive but muted and the biggest comment on it was “Did he just rap?!?” It did sound suspiciously like Mr. Eyre had just rapped, exciting in that it seems to have potential.

Another gig and another show of promise from Glossop’s indie hopefuls, the setlist and tightness of the night exposed the semi regular nature of their gigging, the setlist was too segregated with all the big hitters packed at the end, meaning at times it meandered.

They are though growing a nice little nest of songs they can fall back on and know they are going to get the crowd lovin’ it. Not bad eh?

 You can download the EP “We are the Photogenic” for free and if you wish to, read our review of it.

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