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Free streams/downloads round-up

Over the past year or so we have posted about lots and lots of music that Lancashire’s fine musicians have decided you can either listen to for free or they have given away all together.

Here is a round up of some of the things posted recently that you might want to get your hands on or caress your ears with.

If you have music you are streaming or giving away for free and want to be added to the list then contact us at

 Available on the Red Rose Music Lancs Soundcloud page:


Destination Unknown – Chris Jones

Keep Stopping Me – Urban Chess

Foolish Tongue & Tear Your Dress – Benjamin Storer

Bones – Son of Eagle

Dance by Accident – Halloween, Alaska

Hearts on the Run – The Clive Project


Walk Into The Sea – Blackheart Afterglow

Building Burning Bridges – Luke Townsend


Available elsewhere:

Below is a selection of tunes,  being given away on the internet, we have included links to the right places to get them.


Shine For Me – Ryan Jarvis – Bandcamp

Winter Gardens – The Heartbreaks – Facebook

Hurricaine – The Troubadours – Official Website

Don’t Please Me, Caribesque and Morning Song – India Mill – Facebook

Back to Front and Walls – Rae Morris – Official Website

I Guess, I Suppose – Candour – Official Website

Cafe Latino – Charlotte O’ Connor – Soundcloud

November, Plastic and You Kept Away the Rain – Skye Ladder – Soundcloud

Liar, Liar – The Haptics – Soundcloud

Early Hours – Failsafe – Soundcloud

What Lies Within Truth – Can You Promise Tomorrow? – Facebook

Tell Me – Satellites – Facebook

EP’s and albums:

Time Stands Still – The Vanity Project – Soundcloud

The Disturbance – Glyn Bailey – Soundcloud

Family – The Colours – Spotify 

We are the Photogenic – The Mannequins – Facebook

Conflicts – Buried by the Sirens – Bandcamp


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