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“Too Much Blood” video + single information Q and A with Phil Turner.

Blackheart Afterglow lead singer Phil Turner has given Red Rose an exclusive inside track on new single and video “Too Much Blood.”

Red Rose sat down with The Blackhearts frontman to find out about what we can expect from the new video and what inspired the song in the first place.

How did the idea of doing a video for the song “Too Much Blood” come about?

When we was recording this EP everyone was coming up to us and saying it was a good song so I said we’ll do a video for it and everyone agreed.

I put up on Facebook asking if anyone knew any cheap directors and this girl come back and said speak to Scott Davidson, he has just made a film about racism for universities.

He had the credentials and obviously had something about him if he had been comissioned to do that.

I met him in Ma Murphy’s in Morecambe and he said oh, we’ll do it in here. It was good in there for the video and how it would look because of the low ceilings and it’s quite atmospheric so we agreed on that without even talking about it.

To be honest, I thought it would just be the band playing and people cheering but he came up with all theses ideas..

What were these ideas? What can we expect from the video?

Well he wanted to like run the film backwards, so the beginning of the video is the end of the night. He brought in this lad to do a bit of acting like, you know a pissed up guy cheering and telling his mates to come down.

There are loads of little scenarios within it, little stories and all the stories are different to what you thought they were going to be…

It was just like fucking hell, I would never of thought of that!

What is the actual song about?

 “Don’t come here looking for a place you used to know, there’s nothing sacred here, come on it’s time to go.”

It was sort of about people raking over old things and thinking there is going to be something there. I had a few mates who were up to stuff in relationships and trying to get ahead or do something they used to do as kids, getting up to nonsense and that.

That was what that bit is about, saying don’t bother just keep moving forward because it’s never the same when you go back. If you don’t you end up with too much misery, heartache and well Too Much Blood.

Excellent… So finally, when can we expect the video to be online?

Hopefully in about a month, it will also be going out as part of our press pack with a new single.

To keep yourself entertained until the video is out you can either read our review of the Walk Into The Sea EP or listen to it on the Red Rose Music Soundcloud page player below:


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One thought on ““Too Much Blood” video + single information Q and A with Phil Turner.

  1. he told me it was the internal discussion of a madman,but said he didn’t like telling people what the songs are about. Hmm.

    Posted by MF | July 30, 2013, 7:35 am

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