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From the wonderous county of Somerset comes Gabrielle Aplin.

Miss Aplin is of course the wonderfully talented and pretty rising star who despite being only 19 has crafted some beautiful music already.

Her latest EP Home is another collection of tender acoustic songs and is another lovely effort to follow her previous releases the Acoustic EP and Never Fade.

Currently on the road as part of her third tour, she spoke to Red Rose before her gig at Manchester’s Soundcontrol.

Hello Miss Aplin, how was Newcastle last night and how is the tour going so far?

Amazing, We have done Glasgow, Portsmouth and Cardiff too so we are quite far through but I feel like I have been on tour for about three months, even though I have not quite..

What are the best experiences on tours?

Musically it is just fun to play and regionally you get different crowds so it is fun to see and meet new people and stuff. It’s cool to travel to new places and experience them.

Like I went out in Newcastle last night and that was really cool to do that. Also I am at the point now where I can choose my support and who I have with me so it’s like going on holiday!

You mention different crowds regionally, do certain areas have better crowds or does it depend on how they feel that night?

Well I never really have a horrible crowd, the difference is that down South I find they are bit more rowdy whilst they stand and watch you whereas here they are just quiet.

So Manchester is delivering you quiet crowds?!?

Well quiet as in respectful, not bored, respectful. I hope! (Laughs)

What do you miss most about home when out on tour then?

I thought about this today! I am just really bad at packing and never bring enough things. Just like essentials, but I don’t miss things.

Is there one thing that you always think “P*ss forgotten it again?”

Socks! I always forget them. I always end up with about three pairs left, they should be on my rider.

Also my own bed but it’s horrible because I am away that much that when I get home I can’t sleep in it, because I am too excited by it!

You mentioned your rider, as this is now your third tour is it full of outrageous demands yet?

No but my support act Josh has Disaronno on his so I might start getting on that. But you have to pay for it all anyway so not too much.Though I have stepped it up from last time which was water, I get honey and ginger as well as some cider this time.

You can’t get outdone by your support act on the rider front though!

No, but none of the venues have given it him yet!

For first timers to your gigs or to anyone reading this who is not already a fan, is there anyone your instantly similar to and what are the biggest influences on your records?

Well, I wouldn’t say I sound particularly like my influences but I kind of vocally like the way Joni Mitchell jumps and has big intervals, I take inspiration from that.

And I like the E Street band for what they sound like sonically. So a younger, newer version of those two.

Your on your third tour and yet your only nineteen, When was the first time you wrote a song or recognised that you were actually a good musician?

Ha, well I have always written before doing songs like creative writing or poetry and when I learnt the piano I kind of realised I could do it and put the two together.

I never really thought I was good, like opportunities would come along and I took them but I never went looking for them because I was quite shy and closed about it I suppose.

So it was never a case of I need to be a band or I want to be a singer?

Well I dunno, I studied languages so i wanted to do that but I guess I wanted to do this without really knowing it otherwise I wouldn’t have taken the opportunities I suppose.

Generally people seem to find that when they look back the first few songs they wrote were actually pretty awful. Do you still sing yours or was the first thing you wrote okay?

I still play a few of my old songs actually but I think some of them are kind of time capsules of what my life was like at that point and sometimes I’m like no I can’t play that.

I have a YouTube channel of covers and some of the old covers I look at and cringe but my own songs I can deal with.

Any covers you look at and think “Oh Christ, what was I doing?”

Oh no! Oh I can’t say because it might offend some people because they really like them but I feel most of the older ones I have grown out of a bit.

Being nineteen you don’t have much life experience so what do you draw upon when you write songs, what are the main influences behind the words you write?

I just write about what happens I suppose…I’m into like the whole sixties folk revival and how everyone wrote about the revolution and the war in Vietnam and all the global and social events that were happening so I like to write about things that are happening to everyone, not just to me.

You mention the war there, what has happened over the last few months that has shaped your song writing?

I have a song called “The day the world went mad” written about the riots and when all that kind of thing was going on.

Did you get any rioting near you or were you alright?

No (laughs) I live in the middle of nowhere so I was okay!

Social media and YouTube has been a massive part of your rise and getting a following. Other acts and music types claim that the internet and such is making music difficult to profit from and killing the money side of the industry.

Where do you stand on that?

Well for me if you’re not ripping people off and they are fans, people will buy your music regardless and no-one has not bought my music because it is not free, I still make an impact selling music.

I don’t really think it is about that, maybe more people do download for free but also more people go to gigs. So the same money is being generated but it is going into different places, in my opinion. As you can’t download the live performance.

Instead of recording companies ruling it will be touring companies instead.

On Twitter you have recently revealed a love for pie…what is it that you love so much?

I love pie! I think I like the word “pie” I have been really getting into it, but I like the actual pies too.

Sweet or savoury pies?

Oh savoury! I don’t like mince pies, savoury, I hate mince pies.

We had pies after our signing the other day actually, chicken and artichoke pie. I could have gone anywhere to celebrate but we went and had a celebration pie.

What food would you be and why?

Oh god! I wanna say pie but…I would be…pesto. It goes with anything and I would choose that.

Oh wait, no olives…no reason, just an olive.

Giraffe or zebra?

Giraffe! Because I could be tall and see things and I like Sixty Four Zoo Lane where the giraffe goes to the window and talks to the girl.

Recently on the radio we asked people to text the worst song they have ever heard. Here is your chance to be bitchy if you wish…

Hmm…I wouldn’t say it is the worst but it is annoying, Crazy Frog is pretty annoying. Not bitching about Crazy Frog though!

And with that Gabrielle was gone, off to charm and delight Manchester.

Home the gorgeous third Gabrielle Aplin EP is available to buy from iTunes now.


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