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EP Review: Big Door Open

Preston’s Big Door Open promise a lot when it comes to glancing at their bio where they mention acoustic, rock, jazz, funk, folk and pop music all as inspirations and influences on their sound.

The five piece have been around about two years now as a complete unit and have spent a fair amount of time gigging and honing their music.

The influences that stand out the most on the EP are the acoustic and funk vibes. “Capo Song” is piano driven and the opening notes feel like the intro music to a daytime soap opera, possibly set in a hospital.

“Two steps forward and five steps back” sets the tone of this angst based song, the vocals restrained at first as the song takes a fair while to have any impact.

The more manic, freestyle jam ending is the bit that really impresses as the piano becomes more frantic and the cymbal starts to crash louder, cutting through the air. The vocals here feel more meaningful, belted rather than droaned.

“Crashing Down” and “Velvet Skies” are more acoustic sounding. “Crashing Down” enters our world with a few tender strums and then a jazzy cymbal kick signals the taking of things to a quicker pace.

The vocals are again restrained but this time have some soul coursing through them. There is some instrumental experimentation too which is interesting, the background appears to be hiding the sounds of a tuba and even a wooden block makes a guest appearance.

More soulful, more meaningful.

The whole thing is a bit Lighthouse Family, in its polite soulful inoffensive manner.

“Velvet Skies” fits that pattern too, again plucking away at an acoustic brings it into play and in comes a ploddy drum beat.

“Like a puppet on a string, you fell away at the seams” is sang in a restrained manner again but the vocals have a power about them which carries them further than just the ears but right deep inside.

An EP of charm and soul, at times it chugs along rather than grabbing you by the balls but there is promise and a solid array of sounds which bodes well.

You can listen to the EP on the band’s Reverbnation page.


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2 thoughts on “EP Review: Big Door Open

  1. hope you go far boys keep it up pip

    Posted by pip fegan | March 12, 2012, 8:13 am
  2. keep it going boys

    Posted by pip fegan | March 12, 2012, 8:14 am

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