Single Review: Johnny5thWheel&TheCowards – “Spike”


Johnny5thWheel&TheCowards claim their aim is to make “magical pop music.”

New single “Spike” is exactly that. With twinkley ploddy piano and “Ooo’s” galore it is unashamedly cheery, simple pop.

The chorus of “Don’t be mad with me Spike” is echoed by backing vocals, chanted in a bloody childish manner.

Rhyming “Spike” with “Bike” is hardly lyrical genius either, it is like a grown up nursery rhyme.

But do you know what? It is marvellous. The chorus is simplistic but it sounds like it is sung by happy, joyful people with smiles on their faces.

Indeed the lyrics are sung warmly and at points as though old Jonny and his 5th wheel are on the verge of laughter.

Childish, simple, jolly. Spike might be mad, but you would have to be a miserable sod not to be a little bit cheerier listening to this.

The B-Side “Yes, That’s Right We’re Stealing You’re Soul” is a slightly angrier affair.

The vocals are still sang in an upbeat manner and the bizarre backing vocals are slightly robotic but this time the subject matter is less nostaglic of childhood times and more bitter.

“We’re stealing your soul, but you were pissing it down the drain” is indicative of the general tone.

A bit more moody but still charming.

You can watch the video for “Spike” below, it will be released for purchase on Monday 12th March.


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