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EP Review: The Colours – Family

Blackpool’s The Colours have been lighting up the Lancashire music scene for some time and now the moment has come for them to lay down their energetic, punchy indie rock on an EP.

That EP is Family which aims to finally show The Colours painting their magical, bright pictures sharply into our minds in physical form.

Released on the 27th of February, it comes courtesy of Hey Bert Records who are gaining a reputation for being home to some fine acts, including Andy McKinney who recently released his first EP on the label.

Anyway back to the The Colours and on their Facebook page (a must for any self respecting band these days) they describe their hometown of Blackpool as one that is home to “shit rollercoasters.”

Here’s hoping this EP is a steady, consistent stream of brilliance rather than an up and down rocky ride.

“Still yet to learn” builds slowly with twanging guitar strings and melodic piano keys.

Gathering momentum with the angelic “ooo’s” twangling in the background, Packman’s drums thump consistently creating a foot tapping rhythm and the Two Door Cinema Club comparisons they so often gather are evident as a slow but steady crescendo builds.

Assured vocals crawl all across the track as Powell’s mature voice takes over, luring us in with the hypnotic, gorgeously soft but terse with an underlying anger “You’ll never learn that people change, You’re always the one with nothing to gain.”

His voice echoes and trembles. A gentle but impressively sparkling opener.

A much more upbeat, drum led, fast paced intro brings us into “A Country too Poor.” Again the drums are down in the mix, soft.

This time the vocals are spat out, quicker but again in that distinctive drawl.

“Riots go on for three nights in a row, the ignorant youth with nowhere to go” brings us crashing into a track with a real life meaning and it feels like a track brought on by actual emotion rather than a need to just be saying something.

The guitars are dreamy and plucked hard, playing high notes that help keep the track from being dragged down by their gloomy subject. Even as Powell snarls “Pointless attacks, a country too poor to even fight back, even fight back” it still has a listenable, easy flowing feel.

At four minutes long, title track “Family” is the longest on the EP, in part down to the longer one note opening accompanied by the echoey and strong vocals.

This time there is no drawl, the words boom out, clear as day. The world feels hollow, sorrowful as your speakers share with you “Easy to forget and fall apart, lead the way with an open heart, clear the skies and show the stars.”

It shimmers, its soulful and emotional and then all of a sudden it is like Pandora’s box has opened as it transforms into an upbeat, more pop inspired number thanks to the shivering guitars, some of which have a feel of The Verve in the longer, more jam style recesses of Forth.

Still haunted by the same lyrics the pictures stay, the emotions linger and as the drums thump in dum,dum,dum fashion it all feels wonderful.

They say this lot sound like Bombay Bicycle Club…they do. And they do it fucking well.

The finale, the end, the climax is a two-minute mini treat namely “To live at The Ritz.” The guitars are long and lingering in an Arctic Monkeys kind of vibe. The vocals are back to the familiar drawl.

The backing vocals are a strange robotic sounding lot, firing out “To grow old together.”

An understated but efficient finish. “To grow old together” the vocals implore us. Let’s do it.

On the basis of this debut EP The Colours are a lovely array of shades, a wonderful palette of images. They are more than your browns and your blues. They soar high above that with Aqua and Charcoal and Willow Oak.

Sod it, forget that terrible colour based metaphor and instead concentrate on the important fact. Which is that is an impressive debut, a heartfelt one and one that deserves to be bought.

The EP is released on the 27th on Hey Bert Records.

The band will be having the official launch gig on Saturday the 25th at The Blue Room in Blackpool.

For details on that you can visit the Facebook event page.

You can hear second track ” A Country too Poor” for free on their official Facebook page.

Also to win a copy of the EP, simply go on to their Facebook page and share the picture they have posted on their wall.


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