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Mark Frith answers our questions on The Troubadours reforming

Having reformed The Troubadours after a phenomenal one off gig in December, singer Mark Frith answers our questions on what can we expect from the newly reformed rockers.

Will The Troubadours run alongside your time in The Captive Hearts or is that on the back burner for now?

It wont no I’m afraid. It’s been misunderstood really, I think people think I’ve left that band and got the Troubs back together but it didn’t happen like that.

The captives had a second bass player leave back in September and we all talked about not seeing it moving on.

In all honesty from then I had plans to go solo running through my head but then fate kind of happened and my best mate Johnny (Molyneux, Lead guitar) , who I started The Troubadours with, contacted me out of the blue in late October.

We hadn’t spoke for 2 years. We met for a drink, didn’t even speak about getting band back together and were just made up to be mates. We tweeted a picture then a week later a gig offer came in to do the Lomax. Sold it out …we were all made up.

When you reformed for the one off gig did you already have a full comeback in your mind?

No not at all. In the weeks of rehearsal leading up to the gig we said “If it sells out we’ll talk about it, up until then lets just have a laugh”

We then got a call that it sold out two weeks before the gig. Then we only spoke about it after the gig to be honest.

You are back writing and recording again, but you still have an album left over from the first time around which was never released. Will the album from back then be released or is it just going to be new stuff?

Well yes the album already has a cult follow from crafty people buying it from over in Japan but yes the plan is to get the album released, it may even have new songs on it…we’ll wait and see.

When can we expect the first releases of new Troubadours material?

You can expect new demos to be aired really soon, I would say early summer for official releases.

Your one off gig in December went down an absolute treat, when can we expect to see you back out on the road, is there a tour already planned out?

We are gonna play planned one off gigs for a while. One in Glasgow, one in London and a few in Liverpool and the North West…then tour around releases.

Any plans to visit Japan where your album was released and went top ten?

Yes as soon as we announced we were reforming today our old A&R guy at BMG in Japan emailed to congratulate us and told us to get in touch with the festival organisers over there so hopefully we can work something out as we love Japan.

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