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EP Review: Set In Stone – Andy McKinney


Preston’s Andy McKinney is one of a stable of promising artists signed to Hey Bert Media, the label based in Chorley.

The guitar strumming twenty one year old is a regular on the scene in the Preston area and Set In Stone looks to build on his promising live work.

“Sea, Carry Me” is a wave of folky vibes painting pictures, making feet tap and telling us of regrets and moments gone by.

“He was given back his life, but then he never really lived.”

This is three minutes of loveliness, riding on a wave of beautifully worded bleakness.

“After The Sun” starts of feeling all moody and complicated like Mumford & Sons.

“Why would he take her from me?” is a simple enough question, pondered over millions of times before but this generic starting point is taken above the norm with tender and poignant questions hanging from it, “Where does the sun go after the light? Left me with sun spots burning my eyes” is once such moment.

Pain runs through it, confusion reigns but still it can be joyous to listen to.

Title track “Set In Stone” is nostalgic, a fond look back at the things McKinney loves. It again shows tenderness, vulnerability and a quiet yet gorgeous ability to paint pictures, to take us back to where he is going.

The EP is a perfect demonstration of how to write songs that tackle emotion and feel so relevant to the topic of love and “The Two Of Us” is exactly the same. Going back to the folky and more dynamic ways of “Sea, Carry Me” it tells the story of a love that is doomed to fail, a couple failing.

An experience so personal, yet so familiar to all – love is over these four tracks, examined, dissected and exposed in an understated but lovely, expert way.


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