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EP REVIEW: Luke Townsend – Building Burning Bridges

Despite only being 18 and fairly new on the solo circuit Luke Townsend has not waited around and is already on his second EP.

The latest effort “Building Burning Bridges” is a low-key acoustic affair which ambles along nicely rather than grabbing you by the balls.

“My Mother Named This Song” has a soft acoustic feel which is given an extra bite through the vocals which are restrained but are filled with a quiet determination. At times it is danger of becoming a clichéd love song effort with standard lines such as “I don’t know if it’s me or it is you” or “I know now it’s not me, it’s you” feeling like tired, generic efforts.

The surprising turns of phrases though save it, in particular “When September comes around, You’ll know you’re shit out of luck” feels lively and gives the song an original feel.

“Pandas Are fundamental Atheists” starts with a twangly guitar and is another that is understated and low key. Despite not picking up any real momentum in its 2 minutes and forty seconds it demonstrates a good lyrical ability, sticking in the head and giving a real appreciation of the jumble bag of emotion relationships and life bring.

For example “The conflict between what I want there to be and what is really waiting there for me” is a dilemma of epic proportions for many put it into a few words and delivered with a humble acceptance.

“One day we’ll find out what we have been waiting for” pretty much sums up life, full stop.

Sunny days, regrets and looking back pretty much sum up “Atonement” which is a breezy, bright and charming ditty. A pleasant little tune which yearns for times gone by in a harmless, nostalgic way.

A full band outfit greets us on “And I Thought I Was A Bad Person” which is certainly a welcome treat that moves the EP up a gear when it kicks it. It has a loose Oasis feel to it in the hooks and riffs. The shouty vocals are a change that shifts the EP’s focus without it feeling out of place.

There are all sorts of sounds going on here, the vocals sound like those heard on Wombats songs and the chorus has the same feel as “What Can I Say?” by The Pigeon Detectives. A welcome gear change and still feels fresh at the end despite being the longest song on the EP.

“Look at where we are now, the mess you have dropped us into.”

Going back to the acoustic vibe after the more dynamic electric guitar driven previous song means “The Sunshine Song” has to stand out not to be an anti climax.

It kind of delivers as it has a nice turn of phrase and a great variant on ways of declaring love and togetherness “Nothing can stop us now, we are the ocean together” Yet at the same time it is a bit too similar to the other three acoustic tunes here to stand out as a special song.

A gentle, amiable effort that is pleasant to listen to and shows some great turns of phrase and a knack of surprising lyrically. It does feel like it is cruising in parts happy with the same inspiration and the same formula, promising but more of the dynamic feel of “And I Thought I Was A Bad Person” would push it on even further.

You can listen to the EP “Building Burning Bridges” on the player below:


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