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Skye Ladder begin the climb to the top

Call Me Diva’s Paul and Janie Britton have started a duo side project called Skye Ladder.

The couple will have been recording new songs away from the main band and expect to release their debut album next May.

They have released the following tracklisting online:

1. Respect ( A song about the riots we experienced a few months ago.)
2. Thousand
3. When Winter comes
4. Plastic
5. Poor
6. You kept away the rain
7. Bruises
8. November (This is written in memory of Paul’s mum, who left us sadly Nov 5th a few years ago.
9. Its time to go (This is a song about Skye specifically and with our lovely host Mary in mind)
10. Just before the Dawn

You can visit them on reverbnation:

Hear their new sounds on soundcloud:


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