Album Review: CYPT? – If We Cannot Be Ourselves There’s No Need For Mirrors

By Joel Durkin

Can You Promise Tomorrow? are an experimental hardcore/electronic band from Manchester. Whose clever use of synth and electronic aspects has so far helped them stand apart on a packed Metalcore scene.
The mini album “If We Cannot Be Ourselves There’s No Need For Mirrors” takes in a wide range of influences from metal and pop punk bands. Whilst the obvious comparisons are to bands such as The Devil Wears Prada this band manage to involve many other sounds.
It is clear that the band have put a lot of thought into the structure of the record, and it is good to see a synth based intro, “Grounding”, which is very reminiscent of bands like Underoath.
Opener What Lies Within Truth highlights the band’s ability. Technical riffs and cleverly used synth are impressive and whilst it is no surprise when the singing will come, the chorus makes for easy listening. The breakdown at end however appears slightly sparse, and would have been an ideal opportunity for the synth player to have the last word.
“Inside” may be the highlight of the record. The drumming and the screams at the beginning make for a particularly brutal sound. In my opinion the chorus works well, but it would have been nice to see more synth in general throughout the song.
Interlude “AAA” follows, acting as an intro to the track five, “Without A Trace”. The song is so far from the band’s sound from the rest of the album that it sounds rather out of place. It is a happy feeling pop punk style song, which whilst not particularly bad in itself, pulls the whole album away from a metalcore/post-hardcore feel slightly.
“Mirrors” returns to the sound most suited to the band. It starts quickly and technically, sounding similar to August Burns Red with a synth. The combination of breakdown and mad verging-on-dubstep synth interlude is very brave indeed, but works.
“Deathbed Confessions” is a fitting end to the record, as it helps to put into one song the entire range of the bands sounds, summing them up perfectly.
The band’s best work here is when they use  a mash-up of metal core and introduce synth to take in elements of dubstep and dance. Generally it is a an easy listen for everyone interested in this genre, however they need to be careful about trying to hit too many genres at once which leaves some parts feeling out-of-place. Overall though a good range of songs and ideas.

You can purchase the album on their Bandcamp page: http://canyoupromisetomorrow.bandcamp.com/

Or you can visit the guys and interact with them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CYPTofficial?sk=info


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