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Truth and Faith by The Words Album Review

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Review by Josh Maun. Editing by Sam Bennett.

“The Words” are a four-piece, indie band from the city of Manchester. A place that has produced an amazing array of musical talent over the years such as: The Smiths, Oasis and James to name a few. Perhaps crucially ‘The Words’ don’t merely regurgitate the stereotypically Manchester sound but they take those as  inspirations and build on them. They explain it by saying they are inspired by “the same buildings, the same weather, the same way of life” as the Manchester mega-bands but rather than being tempted to sound like an Oasis tribute act they have a slightly different musical approach.

 So is it working or does being Indie and from Manchester mark you down as unoriginal? Apparently not… they have been picked up and used commercially by brands such as PlayStation, Windows and Mercedes-Benz, a sign perhaps they are doing something right.

 Their music peers have so far been impressed it would seemsas the band have an impressive festival performance alongside Placebo and 30 Seconds to Mars in front of 40,000 in their gig history.

 Debut full length album ‘Truth & Faith”  is set to be released on 14th November 2011 on the Pheonixx Records label. It comes on the back of several well received E.P releases and took nine months to record.

 ‘FAG’ is the opening track on this debut album and sets a great tone right from the off. A catchy infectious effort led by a fantastic riff. The deep bass line set a consistent rhythm and helps create an impressive start.

 “Everybody’s With You” is going to be the lead single from the album and it is another belting listen that deserves attention. It showcases the ability of the band to create tight sounds that mean all the sounds mix together well. For instance the harmonies and backing vocals are deliciously done underlining the work that has gone into the record. A must buy single that can be found on iTunes now.

 ”Under The Sun” helps the band nail the thing you must have as an indie band which is a feel good summer tune. It feels like this is the one with the joyful, sing a long friendly “blues skies, bright beaches and summer days” a stand out lyric. Though where they found that in Manchester is mystifying.

 Keeping with the acoustic feel “Demons” is composed on the acoustic guitar with the backing of kit and hand drums and this slight change in direction helps freshen things up and shows an impressive range.

Going through the album track by track and lavishing it with praise would be far too easy as it is an accomplished piece that properly delivers right down to the final note.

 The record shows they have the brains to change the tempo and feel of songs to help keep things lively. They also recognise a softer acoustic feel helps highlight the vocals of Steven Draper the lead singer and it is used to maximum effect.

 In terms of its genre and the stature of the band it is a real treat, a must for anyone who likes anything that could be remotely described as “indie” some of the tracks have that special festival sound potential and others are beautiful in their tenderness.


Visit The Words at: and

You can find their single “Everybody’s with You” on iTunes.

You can see them performing in Stuggart below:


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