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EP Review: Walk Into The Sea by Blackheart Afterglow

Around this time last year Blackheart Afterglow formed in Morecambe. Since then they have released a debut EP, replaced a bassist (Wayne Ward left and was replaced by Anthony Gregson), gigged successfully all over our pleasant land and now are back on the radar with a new set of tunes.

Walk Into The Sea starts off with “Too Much Blood” which is a straightforward indie song which despite its lack of experimentation is a catchy, tight start to the EP. “Come on, let’s go” is hardly an inspirational note to start on but the song as a whole feels enjoyable and the vocals make it sound like it could really rock when heard live.

Second effort “Planes” starts off with a guitar riff that sounds incredibly like a Pigeon Detectives song which is either a brilliant start or an awful one depending on your musical outlook. After that the tone is a little heavier and a little less pop and they created another easy to listen to effort, nothing too outrageous but it buzzes along nicely, some nice lines give it a sharp rhythm, examples include “Your house is a box it is not your home” and ” Your hopes are living memories of your homes, your tears your fears.” The last two minutes of chanted “Nobody’s leaving” is rather hypnotic and if they ever reach the stage of people chanting their songs at them, that bit will be popular I suspect.

“The Familiars” is a fast paced tune and is probably the stand out effort on the EP, it feels freer, more imaginative and generally more expressive. It is the first time the guitars and voice are allowed to soar and feel unrestricted. “You’ll never run with the pack” seems apt, this track is well ahead of the pack.

Finally comes “May God Have Mercy On Your Black Soul” which sounds like it should be heavy metal and have generally unpleasant lyrics. It isn’t…It starts with a europhic “Yeah, yeah, yeah” and the almost screaming choruses sound triumphant and defiant. The chorus is a bit of genius, it sounds brilliant. The rock outro to the song is a lovely bit of instrumental work which ends the on the right note.

Blackheart Afterglow have once again on the whole impressed. “Too Much Blood” is a little safe and suffers for it but the moments on the EP where the guitars and vocals are allowed to soar are brilliant to listen to. Overall it is definetly one you should turn up loud and scream along to.

The EP is available to stream/buy on Amazing Tunes at: http://www.amazingtunes.com/users/blackheartafterglow

Blackheart Afterglow have the following dates confirmed:

5 Nov 2011 : Stonewell, Lancaster
6 Nov 2011 : Bobbin Beer Festival
11 Nov 2011 : Jackson’s Pit, Oldham
21 Nov 2011 : The Ram and Shackle, Manchester
3 Dec 2011 : The Blue Room, Blackpool
14 Dec 2011 : The Retro Bar, Manchester
31 March 2012 : Jackson’s Pit, M35 Promotions, Oldham


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