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The Dirty Hearts Club Demo Review


Review by Phil Harvey.

In the small towns dotted throughout Lancashire you can hear a few birds, noisy old men from the pub and maybe a white van man doing someone’s conservatory. But if you listen carefully, you might hear five lads playing a soundtrack to life in East Lancashire, those five lads are The Dirty Hearts Club.

The five-piece are releasing their 4-track debut demo EP which has a mixed rock and roll/punk sound. “Do You Know Where The Knives Are Kept?” is the opener to the EP and sounds as if it has influences taken from an old Libertine’s record. The dirty guitars at least suit the band’s name if not the vocals which makes this a brilliant track to hear live if you enjoy moshing to a grungy punk sound.

The second record, “Better of Me”, has guitar melodies that could be taken from a dreamy indie band like Cajun Dance Party.

Don’t get me wrong, the Dirty Hearts Club aren’t the band who’s going to wear their little brother’s Christmas jumper and fall about the stage like feet are going out of fashion; this song from the Lancashire lads has definitely captured that Vaccines feel that incites the urge to chant over and over. Maybe that’s because they chant over and over. Who cares? It just simply; works.

“Out of Sync” is another track that takes a different direction to the rest of the EP; it is more punky than Better of Me, but has lyrics which are loud, rude and catchy if not a little clichéd for a rock band. However the solo, which carries the track out, leaves something to be desired.

 “The Fast One” is the best song on the record, it has the dirty guitars which feature in all of their tracks, however the final track has what a few of the other’s don’t, character. The guitar solo has to be the best on the EP and the best I’ve heard for a while coming from a band of this calibre, sit back and soak it up.

This EP shows the Dirty Hearts Club are capable of producing a great sound. It’s not original in a genre smashing sort of way, but then again, why should it be? This lot have a long way to go but are certainly heading in the right direction. You never know, if you miss out on seeing them live, you might end up kicking yourself later.

 For more on the band:

Visit their website:!/thedirtyheartsclub 

Visit them on Facebook:!/thedirtyheartsclub

All the songs from this EP are on their website.

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