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Daystar by Daystar Album Review


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Daystar released their self titled album quite a while ago now but since their musical star (pardon the awful play on words) is shining brighter than ever and they are set to release their third single from it shortly, we felt we would have a listen and pass judgement.

5 piece indie band from Manchester is their set up, though sometimes “Indie band from Manchester” can lead people to think that you are just an Oasis loving bunch of fools. Are this lot? Or are they the real deal?

“Slip and Dive” starts us off and it is noticeable immediately that Si Monaghan has a voice slightly different to that of most guitar led bands, and it works well the higher notes create a smooth, relaxing edge and lines such as “they say your losing your touch, is that right now?” keep it fresh and interesting. The last few seconds of imploring the listener “to sing it back now” work and it feels like you probably should sing it right back to them.

After an easy paced start, it is slowed even further down for “Don’t Need This” which has a whiney Radiohead like quality to it. This effort is grounded and takes on the reality of life, with clever lines such as “the shy girl whose a model in her dreams” it has a real vulnerability which really comes across.

“Mrs Joe” is a frustrating tune, which in places gets you swaying along and others just makes you wish it would cheer up. The “I can’t explain it” hook is equally divisive, It will either drive you mental and having cursing or it will get you right on board with the anguish of the writer. Hit and miss depending on how you look at it.

A welcome change of pace arrives in the form of “Off Our Heads” which as the title suggests is not lyrical genius. It does however give you a happy feeling, it shines and sparkles, slipping off the tongue easily and shows a handy ability to lift the mood, a real summer feel good song.

“Sleeper” tells the story of someone who needs a kick up the backside and implores them for about three minutes to get back in gear, with the slightly hypnotic backing vocals it’s another thumbs up.

“Because You Said” starts off in a fashion that will be very, very familiar to anyone whose listened to the Stone Roses, it is very Roses indeed. This is for most people a good thing, and the song as a whole carries on what has been promising so far. It tells the story being under the influence of someone completely and utterly “Paint a picture if you say so” “Drive it faster if you say” sums up pretty well the feeling of wanting to do whatever makes someone happy. A great song for anyone whose feeling a tad emotional.

“Code” starts with the typical indie cop-out of “La la la” and never really picks up, uninspiring.

The upbeat tempo returns though with “Paralysing” a brilliant summing up of the feeling you get when you find someone who seems to be too good to be true. Soppy but true, great writing to help tie up the imagery of love and the “paralysing” feeling.

“Switchback” comes with a real pop feel to it, the imagery of “driving for miles” has you imagining winding country lanes, sun in the sky and the wind in your hair as you drive without care or purpose. The contrast of “See where it takes me, its good while it lasts” and “it’s mine to keep for years” explore having something and wanting it back. Clever words and a nice pop feel. Winner.

The final two songs are “Into Something New” and “Up Here.” Into Something New is a decent effort asking why and how something has happened but the stand out of two here is “Up Here” which starts in an upbeat, sharp manner. It is a shiny, dancey end to the album and one that goes down well. It also uses the “La la la” again though this time, it works and we will let them off for daring to use it twice in an album.

So are Daystar the real deal? Yes on the whole. Some of it is a bit slow and stilted like soup but for the main it is reflective, insightful and a pleasure to listen to.

You can watch the videos for “Slip and Dive” and “Off our Heads” below, as well as reading the interview we did with the lads a few months back.

To purchase the album visit their website.


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6 thoughts on “Daystar by Daystar Album Review

  1. think you meant ‘up here’ for the last track la la la la la

    Posted by Dave Cooper | October 18, 2011, 12:09 am


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