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SINGLE REVIEWS: The Enemy, Daystar, The Captive Hearts and O.C.D.



Coventry Indie-rock trio The Enemy are currently in the studio recording album number three. The band recently released “This Is Real” as a free download as a lead up to the album.

“This Is Real” like some of their other work explores working-class life. Here the band explore the stress and anguish of trying to get enough money together to get by. Sound wise is doesn’t really differ from their previous albums, though it is a genre they are accomplished in.

Interestingly lyrically, it could be described as a grittier English version of “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi. They seem to refer to similar topics and both refer to sleepless nights of worry but then making it through in the end.

Overall there is no real change to their sound, but fans should enjoy the real life issues and reflective writing. Good, promising sound.

You can download “This Is Real” for free at:!/theenemy

Manchester based 5 piece Daystar have this week released second single “Off our heads.”

The single is an upbeat, cheery affair with lead singer Simon Monaghan’s vocals giving the song a joyful edge, leading to a slightly more poppy sound that previous song “Slip n Dive.”

There is no doubt that Daystar have produced something very catchy and it is a single that deserves to be on iPods everywhere. Even if the video does feel like it has been produced and performed by GCSE drama students.

The video can be see here:

Read an interview with Daystar on Red Rose Music:

Indie lads The Captive Hearts this week released their second single “Believin’ Love”.

The Wigan band’s second single is according to singer Mark Frith “Is about falling back in love with something you have fallen out of love with…be it music, your job, girlfriend.”

He also claims he has recently fallen back into love with writing music, and it tells in this upbeat, joyful song which sounds ideal for getting through any down moments. It captures the point and passion he is putting across and still stays a joyful guitar led song.

The single is available to buy on itunes:​um/believin-love-single/id4419​87190

Bolton rock trio O.C.D have recently released “Sha Na Na”, the second offering from Twister Records.

Despite the bands rock edge, this is not the most serious sounding of releases, it is much more a fun ditty than an emotional rock ballad.

The guitars are authentic and tuneful and the chorus which is a chanted “Sha Na Na” should be really irritating but manages to stay the right side of catchy.

Not going to win awards for lyrical genius but makes up for it with fun and dance potential.

Available from

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