Interview with Mark Frith of The Captive Hearts


Wayne Rooney has tweeted about him, Japan loved one of his albums and his new band The Captive Hearts have just released a brilliant summer single…Mark Frith is a popular man right now.

The lead singer of The Captive Hearts answered some of our questions on future plans, Rooney and his influences.

Tell us a little about the history of the band, how did you guys meet and get together? 
We got together after my last band broke up. I knew it was time to end the last band and went into a recording studio to work on some new songs, just for fun really but as soon as I finished the track I knew I had to get a band around it.
 I knew all the members of The Captive Hearts from growing up really…except Kris although I did go to school with his girlfriend and had seen his face around the Wigan music scene so it was all very easy from the start really. The relationships were already strong, stronger than my previous band.

When did you know growing up that you wanted to be a musician, one defining moment?

I’d say after I broke my leg at 14, I picked up a guitar and fell in love with rock n roll and that was it for me, music is my life now.

What band or artist would you say has influenced your career and music the most? 

A lot of people compare my writing to the La’s but I honestly am obsessed with the Stone Roses and The Beatles

What is the most inspirational lyric you have ever written or heard?

Written is…’All that remains..just another heart needing remedy but there’ll always be a song and a melody so don’t be afraid’ .

It kind of means don’t give it on what you believe, you’ve gotta get through the pain to get to the prize.

Wayne Rooney tweeted about your new single “Believin’ Love” how much has that helped sell the new single, have you received any more attention from fans/press than normal?

Well yeah it  helped a lot as he has 1 million followers on it!

 If one tweet off Wayne turns just one person onto us im happy.. it  is what music is about at the end of the day, connecting with people.
On a more obvious reaction to the tweet I recently met a fan outside a venue in Leeds who said exactly this ‘I used to hate Wayne Rooney but when he tweeted you’s and I heard ya’s I like him now’…I thought that was great.

Apart from him advertising for you, are you Rooney fans when it comes to football?

Yeah, our guitarist is a big united fan and well,  he’s an amazing footballer.

You lads are all Wigan based, what it is the local music scene around there like, any one you recommend from playing with them or seeing them about? 

It is good, a couple of good intimate venues knocking about and a lot of people into their tunes in Wigan. Yeah there’s a great band called Waterpistol that have just started, writing great pop songs.

This week marks the release of your second single as a band, what is the inspiration behind it?
It is about falling back in love with something you’ve fallen out of love with. Be it a girl, a band, music, your job, career…everyone kind of goes through that lull and its a great feeling when it all makes sense again.
I am currently going through it with my songwriting, I feel I’m in love with it again and can’t stop writing at the moment.

Two singles in are the band planning an E.P or album anytime soon? What can you tell us about this?

Well the plans are not concrete at the mo but yeah the plan is kinda, one more single, then an EP, another single,a single and then an album….but like I say it’s not concrete at the moment.

According to the internet John Leckie, the producer claims you’re ‘the best singer songwriter he has worked with for 10 years’ what is it that most shapes the songs you write? 

I try to write upbeat uplifting songs because I’d like to think that’s the kind of person I am positive. I obviously write heartfelt tunes as well but I mostly write positive upbeat tunes so I suppose personality shapes my songs really.

Your previous band The Troubadours were it is claimed ‘big in Japan’ any reason for this?

Haha who claimed this?? yeah our debut album went top 10 in Japan so I suppose the Japanese Billboard hot 100 claimed we were big….the reason? People obviously liked us and bought the records.

You can buy new single Believin’ Love on Itunes.

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