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Q and A with Rhydian Roberts


Big haired Welsh wonder Rhydian Roberts has gone from strength to strength since coming second on the X Factor in 2007.

His two albums Rhydian and O Fortuna both charted strongly and his talents have seen him star in War of the Worlds and get picked to host a new talent show in his native Wales.

Here he answers our questions on his latest projects, a third album and his massive hair.

According to the internet your name roughly translates as ‘having a strong eagerness’ does this sum you up well?

Yes, I would say that reflects my personality quite well.  

What was the defining moment for you when you realised you wanted to be a musician and that nothing else would do?

I have always sung since I was small. I had a dream/ vision when I was only 10 that saw me singing on tv and making my own albums. That was weird as it was before pop idol or x factor even existed. What really made me go for it though was when I did a gap year in South Africa and made my first CD. The whole experience made me want a proper recording contract, I learnt so much out there it was unbelievable. 

You are currently performing in ‘We Will Rock You’ tell us a little about your role in the musical.

I play commander Kashoggi. He’s the bad guy that works under the killer queen, I go around catching Bohemians and send them to seven seas of rye! I sing it’s a kind of magic and seven seas of rye in the second half. I love queen’s music and It’s one hell of a show to be involved with.

 Are you a big Queen fan, was that part of your decision to take part in the musical?

Queen are possible my all time favourite band. I love their music, lyrics, ingenuity and the showmanship that Freddie took to a whole new level whilst singing like an angel! Amazing! 

You also star as Teen Angel in a production of Grease, where and when can people see you in the musical?

I’ll be appearing as teen angel for a short period between middle of October till the end of November. Details of venues, tickets etc will be on my website 

Which one gives you the biggest buzz, being part of a big production or singing solo songs at one of your gigs?

It depends really. I guess it’s hard to compare the feeling you get from performing your own show. I’m good at being part of a team but I love centre stage also! 

Your new album is released around August time this year, what can people expect? Is it going to opera classics or more of a pop music crossover sound?

It’s a pop record. If you like the 80’s you’ll love it. It’s a new wave album which includes some unreleased songs. It’s completely different from my last two. It’s the best yet!  

What is the most inspirational lyric or piece of music you have heard or performed?

Liebestod sung by Linda Esther Gray. The perfect piece of music 

Who for you is the ultimate musician? And who if you could perform with any one just once, who would it be?




You are filming a T.V. Series for S4C, with ‘upcoming Welsh talent’ do you have any tips on who you think could be a big music star soon that we should look out for? 

There are a couple of amazing instrumentalists that I’ve already found! You’ve either got it or you haven’t. These guys have definitely got it and I can’t wait to show them for the first time on my show.  

If the News of The World were to hack your phone, would they find any scandalous celebrity gossip?


Pippa or Kate Middleton?

Kate by a country mile! She’s the princess in every way and far better looking in my opinion… Pippa’s bum though perhaps!! 

And finally, how do you get your hair looking so mighty fine?

 With shit loads of treatments, Costs me a fortune!!

Rhydians third album Waves is released shortly on Conehead records and for more information on all things Rhydian visit either his Facebook page or official website. 


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