Interview with Can You Promise Tomorrow?

 5 piece Electronic/Hardcore band Can You Promise Tomorrow? are from the Derbyshire valley wilderness of Glossop.

Their sound has been compared to Enter Shikari and it is a real mixed bag, encompassing some aggressive screaming, gang vocals and heavy rock whilst showing an experimental side through dance interludes and electronic beats intertwined in the hardcore.

As the band are spending their summer recording their debut album before attempting to harness their growing reputation of putting on a manic, impressive show, Red Rose decided it was time to head on down to their rehearsals and have a chat.

So tell us a little bit about how you got together?

Jack: It was 2006.

Nathan: It was just Luke and Jack at first.

Jack: Singing in his bedroom.

Nathan: Alex joined, then I came and then…

Alex: Nahh basically right, Jack and Luke were doing lessons and they made friends and jammed out and stuff.

Jack: Our tutors introduced us and we just played covers in Luke’s bedroom…

Alex: And then I came in, with my previous experience being a choir. I used to just come and piss about and make everyone laugh and was then like yeah, I’ll sing! I didn’t even know what a note was. And then some cool guy Chris Mayer, my life inspiration taught me and here we are now.

Were you all mates before you made a band?

Nathan: Well we met Stevie Bee from another band that we played with.

Stevie: I played guitar in another band and we met  at Duki (Dukinfield) town hall gig, just by chance

Nathan: And we shared the love of Enter Shikari, he sorted us out an album before it came out and then we thought we would get it him.

Stevie: All the electronic stuff, didn’t know how to use any of it! but I had a mess about with it and they asked me to come down and try.

The name of the band, where does it come from and what does it mean?

Stevie: We were debating names for a good month and we wanted to change from ‘Inside’ our previous name because the other guys had a lot of history with that name. And we were just sat there drinking brews and not doing anything, and you went ‘Can You Promise Tomorrow?’ and we all sort of went yeah alright!

Jack: It is a rhetorical question as well!

Alex: It is basically right, live your life for today and everything we represent is about having fun in the moment. So yeah, Can You Promise tomorrow because obviously no one can promise tomorrow will come so it’s about living your life for today.

Stevie: Also I remember it’s because we were going to quit the band and then we wrote inside and carried on. It was can you promise tomorrow as in will there be another gig or rehearsal or whatever.

Alex: Inside is a piece of art keeping us together, we were down in the dumps and I got inspired by it all and wrote that song and then err it got us all back in the mood.

We here you are getting a bit of  reputation for sending the crowd mad, is this the case?

Alex: If that doesn’t happen then we come away disappointed! Thinking we haven’t put on a show for them. It is why we want to get bigger as well because if people are coming to see us and are into our stuff already then it will be even bigger.

One of CYPT's rocking live gigs.

Nathan: It’s what we aim for to do that as it acts on you on stage, if the crowd is miserable then your feeling like you don’t wanna be there. If everyone is going up for it then you enjoy it a lot more.

So if someone just walks in off the street to a gig of yours, what can they expect from you?

Alex: We’ve had broken bones in the mosh pits!

Stevie: There was a person with a bleeding nose at the last one, tissue stuffed up it and everything!

Jack: It is though people just enjoying themselves really

Alex: Yeah I say on stage, you came here to enjoy yourself, so enjoy yourself! If everyone just lets themself go for one night then what a night they can have!

You are recording your album starting in July, when will we be able to get our hands on it and what can we expect from it?

Luke: Hmmm, End of July hopefully

Jack: Yeah when we recorded “Inside” previously, we didn’t get the song back for a week and a half and we are recording seven including interludes this time so end of July I would say…

Alex: Things on the album will still be changing as we go into the studio as well so

Stevie: When we booked the studio we only had one song so we really had to get on with it, we still have one song to write.

Alex: And also, something you might want to put in, the money we hope to get from the album and t shirt and stuff will go towards maybe going on tour to places round the UK

Jack: Maybe in Scotland as well! All the money from the album goes back into the band

What are you expectations from the album? How much are you hoping it will make then and how big do you think it can be?

Stevie: To be honest I don’t really care I just want to listen to it back and be so proud of it

Jack: I think we will gain a lot more fans on the facebook page because right now we only have one decent recorded track but after this we will gain more fans

Alex: Also a  lot of venues won’t let us play because of our age and having under eighteens in the band and they think we will just be a bunch of kids strumming guitars and playing out of tune, but if we can get this album!

Jack: It will open up a lot more venues and gigs, because when ever you ask for a gig they want to hear some of your stuff and at the moment we only have one we are proud of, but to have five…

Nathan: Would look a lot more professional and people can check the tracks out

Jack: I just can’t wait to hear it back myself, like Steve said.

When you say music is ‘hardcore’ it can put people off, how easy is your music to listen to or is it a very niche type of music?

Stevie: Well Oli from Candid Iniquity said we were pretty mainstream and that some of our stuff was pretty mainstream and stuff like that.

Alex: We don’t really care!

Stevie: Ye, we don’t care we don’t write to impress anyone we just write and think yeah that sounds good.

Jack: We write more for us.

Stevie: We write for us and hope it reflects on the people listening.

Nathan: I think the style we have now we are all happy with and it seems to be upcoming for the kids of today

Alex: Well we do it more for us and selfishly. If we cared about other people we would be doing flipping (yes, he said “flipping”) mainstream stuff like that you hear on the radio. But it is for us.

Jack: It is a bonus though when like in Rochdale when you see people singing your music, that is inspiring. and peope are catching on to us, which is good to know.

Alex: It is just nice to do what we love and see other people appreciate it.

Being so young, you have less life experience than others, so what do you sing and write about? What inspires your music?

Alex: Riiiiiight…No erm our songs are about life experiences, like you say have less but the things we right about are what we have experienced being with younger people and that then appeals to them so it works in a way anyway. Like one of the songs I wrote, I just happened to start researching the devil.

Nathan: It is also advantage being younger because it gives us time to develop before we start hitting the big venues

Jack: Quite a lot of our songs for example are just written about being in the band.

Alex: On of mine is about some guy robbing my bike! I was just in college and I went outside and this guy just walked off with it! Anyway my girlfriend at the time spotted him and rang me and said look this guy has your bike! Anyway he went in a shop and so I went and picked it up and walked off and he came out going “Oi, that’s my bike” and yeah well I got that back…

But yeah one song is about what you say, people putting us down because of our age when we are just trying to make something of ourselves.

As a new band you have to work as well as being in a band, do the two things clash or is it easy to manage?

Jack: It’s well hard.

Stevie: Work is getting in the way quite a lot these days.

Alex: Well I work silly shifts so yeah…But recently I got the whole rota changed to suit me and planning to practice which is hard but we always manage to do it.

Nathan: I left my job, it is a piss take to do so.

Alex: Like I think it is meant to be this band, like how I just turned up to sing and it worked like. When we were looking for a bassist

Luke: And then it was just Jack’s best mate that could do it!

Alex: Yeah weren’t you playing bass with your Nan?

Nathan: Nahh Guitar but I had a bass…My nan was in a band and the guitarist was ill so I covered playing with them and that was some experience.

To finish, You live in Glossop which is sometimes called boring, do you like it?

Jack: It is nice to be on the edge of the countryside and stuff.

Luke: Wherever you go you always know someone as well.

Does living in such a small town help spread the word about the band as well or does it mean you’re a bit trapped?

Luke: Well we have got quite well-known through schools and stuff so it helps.

Alex: The thing is though, if you have three Glossop bands on in Glossop and we all have to sell tickets, we all end up selling to the same people, which makes it really hard. No one wants to come to Glossop to watch us play in a small venue!

As it stands are your fans mainly your friends and their friends or are you now beginning to get fans who have just heard you by chance and liked your stuff?

Jack: I was looking at the stats on the Facebook group and we have fans from Egypt and Columbia.

Stevie: There is a guy in Texas who is nuts about us

Jack: We have 650 fans on Facebook and I would say half of those are from the US and Australia

Luke: Well I got asked on twitter if our album would be available in America, that is pretty good going.

Alex: People from London wanted to come down and see us…play in a pub!

Luke: We even got spotted in town a couple of times.

Nathan: I remember we was in Manchester Arndale and a couple of scene girls were saying something and started shouting over to us about the band.

Mancheste Arndale: The scene of Luke and Nathan being recognised and achieving brief fame.

To find out more about CPYT? visit:!/CYPTofficial

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