Red Rose recommends The Random Family

This is the second in our ‘Red Rose recommends’ columns in which we let you know about a band or artist who we really think deserves to be promoted and given some exclusive comment to. 

The Random Family

 Liverpool based The Random Family fell together into the formation they are now accidentally as they all separately played the Liverpool acoustic scene. After several happy coincidences they came together and set about making beautiful music.

 Their genre is ‘folk’ music although their range of instruments and talents mean that although the songs have folk leanings and elements, anyone with an interest in melodies or soulful lyrics can really enjoy listening to this band.

 Red Rose first saw this band play a show at the Oakwood in Glossop and fell in love with the way they played music that was charming yet powerful and they way they seduced the audience into running with their soft, light and soulful music.

 Their set consisted of songs from their three previous E.P.s and new album ‘Married to the sea.’ The band demonstrate an inbuilt ability to convey emotions and feelings fantastically through their music. For instance ‘Married to the sea’ the title of their latest album relates to band member Joe’s time spent either living by the sea or travelling across the waves. Music inspired by real life.

 Although ‘folk’ is their genre they are accessible to anyone, not just folk fans and only the hardiest of souls could fail to melt at the craft, charm and elegance behind their music.

 Even songs coming from a dark place sound as though sung with a contented smile on their faces.

 You can visit the Random Family on Facebook at:!/therandomfamily

 Here and buy their music at:

 And read a Red Rose interview with them at:


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