EP REVIEW: We are the Photogenic by The Mannequins

Born in the Derbyshire valley town of Glossop, The Mannequins are a four piece indie band who in their short time have so far hit the heights of a feature in the local newspaper, played the cavern club and been interviewed by Red Rose Music.

 With a growing fan base and further gigs this summer, this release of debut E.P. We are the photogenic is perfect timing.

Although currently only available online, the five track EP is soon to be given away free as a hard copy.

 Below is Red Rose’s track by track review of the E.P.


 Up first is “Battleships” starts with a fast paced drums and guitar which is promising but then when the vocals kick in the whole things becomes a bit two-sided. At some points the whole thing slows to a plod, the vocals are almost at talking pace and take out any energy that had been built. Yet in some places the pace picks up and it works much better, for example lyrics such as “bad decisions, cruel mistakes a bit of thought is all it takes” help give it a bit of snap and edge whereas in other parts it’s all a bit stodgy.

 “Pretty People”

 “We are the pretty people the most good looking crowd, We are the pretty people conforming is not allowed, We are the photogenic.”

 We are the photogenic is already the name of this EP and if the rest of that line does not become a crowd favourite sing a long, then that will be a crime.

 Built around that first line and some lovely instrumental play this effort is accomplished and strong, although it doesn’t offer much more than that line and the fine instrumental work, that is all it needs. It sounds to me like it is destined to be a fans favourite once the band are more established.


 Cracking start, catchy guitar line which will probably make you want to dance a little bit. The song itself is also a jumpy little number and uses the well worn but always clever method of giving different days of the week, different emotions or actions.

 Although less sing a long potential than “Pretty People”, this is the song most likely to be ‘radio friendly’ not that, that is a bad thing, it’s accessible and fun and very easy to throw some shapes to.


 Starting with a drum roll then having both singers alternating randomly gives the start of this track a Chuckle Brothers feel to it.

 And then it feels like you have two voices in your head telling you different things, it is a confusing affair and a bit chaotic in context to what goes before.

Saying that throwing in an echoing repeat of “Is myself good enough for you?” plays well with the teenage angst market they are playing to and will have teenagers nation wide hailing it as exactly how they feel about all their problems. Clever work.

 Still not convinced they have executed the two different vocal parts as well as possible, it all feels a bit rough and thrown together in places.

 “Ashes on the floor”

 It appears the first line of this track is “The hearse drives past playing chin music” which if correct is possibly the most bizarre opening to a song for quite a while.

 It is pulled out of the mire though by some powerful imagery “Ashes on the floor washed away by the rain, flowers wilt the world keeps on spinning” which is both incredibly morbid and enchanting.

The song continues in the same tone, “Isolation in the crowd, he lies on his own” plays on often used metaphoric image of being alone, even with company.

 Not the happy, upbeat sending off that you maybe were hoping for from this E.P but it is a pretty impressive effort. It feels like it should be accompanied by a black and white video with an attractive woman weeping and looking lost.


 This is an E.P which is impressively mature and developed considering the stage the band are at, yet it also remembers to be catchy and fun in parts with as mentioned parts surely destined to be sing a longs or attached firmly to the band forever. With time the writing and production will be tighter and also as they become more established, some of these songs could be a treat to see live.

To listen to the E.P. or download it:!/we.are.the.mannequins

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