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ALBUM REVIEW: The Heist – Between Here & Nothing

From the outset of Between Here & Nothing, it’s clear that London’s The Heist wear their many influences firmly on their sleeves.

The best thing about this is that BH&N is an interesting, diverse and overall rewarding listen, ranging from grungy to acoustic to instrumental in the space of ten minutes.

The worst thing about this is that the album meanders a little, but at least shows that the band has stretched themselves. The two instrumental tracks in particular don’t add particularly much to the album, with “suwajem” only serving to disrupt the urgent, punchy “With One Wish” and “Fade”.

While the album does stutter a little in places, it does contain some absolute gems as “Mephistopheles”, a bouncing, moody, manic number that has to be heard to be believed – think The Used meets Britpop meets Tim Burton and you’re not even halfway there.

The band also prove that they can master the softer end of the rock spectrum, going from frenetic to chilled, near-American stadium rock on “Back To This”, which soars and shimmers beautifully.

Lead single “Fight Again” is probably the album’s highlight, screaming and chugging along as well as any early Fightstar song.

Although the better tracks on the album are generally the heaviest, bonus track “With One Wish (mellow)”, a relaxed version of the high-octane “With One Wish”, brings to a close an interesting, diverse and ultimately rewarding album.

With this album and a headline show at London’s Underworld under their belts, trust me when I say that you’ll be hearing this band again sooner rather than later.

LISTEN TO: “Mephistopheles”, “Fight Again”

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