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SINGLE REVIEWS: Bowen & The Tide and The James Turner Band


Bowen & The Tide are a duo consisting of Guy Jones and Adele Bailey and their single “Lonely Waters” is available now.

“Lonely Waters” is 4 minutes and 37 seconds of piano led, emotional and beautiful music. The soft voice and tuneful piano make this a masterful piece of work. With lyrics such as ” I stuck around, whilst you were down” this one for every emotion whether you be deep in love or mourning the loss of something the end of something special, this song is beautiful and tender.

The end moments ask “Would you listen to me again?” and the answer is a resounding yes.

Bowen & The Tide: http://soundcloud.com/bowenandthetide/lonely-waters




The James Turner Band is the side project of Phil James Turner, one quarter of the band Blackheart Afterglow. He has returned to this solo project after taking time out to concentrate on Blackheart Afterglow.

Hoping to release an EP of his work soon, he has told us to have a look at “Run” as a preview to what we can expect.

Mr. Turner has described this song as a part of a “concept album” and straight away you can tell it is a piece designed to be out of the ordinary because he has used the standard trick of putting a recorded speech clip into the song. Something increasingly done as musicians try to make the point they are different.

The clip used here “The way I figure, there’s really not too much future with a sawed-off runt like you” from the film The Good, The Bad ad The Ugly is bloody good though, setting up the song in exciting and cool fashion.

The long guitar driven intro is moody and effective, it  

sounds like the intro music to a film, maybe a long dusty road with one character walking purposefully down it as the music plays over the top. Maybe that is looking at it too deeply…

The raking guitar and drum beat intro is good, giving the song a good tempo. And then it stops and is replaced by some mysterious droning effect. The song has gone all Sci-Fi. Excellently done and bloody interesting.

 Taking a more bluesy sound later on it sounds a little like some of the solos heard on very earlier Verve music.

 Slow, clear and melodic the vocals are sounding retro and fascinating. “Look outside, look but not at the sun, see what you have become…You are here because of you” Life lesson and solid tune. Impressive stuff.

To top it off, the last thirty seconds treats you to some Playstation one backing track music and makes it a treat for all ages.

 8 minutes will fly by when you listen to this.

The James Turner Band:





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