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Red Rose recommends… Chaotix

A new section of the Red Rose website, Red Rose recommends will be highlighting bands our on Radar around the Lancashire scene that it would be a crime to miss.

Chaotix is a four-piece indie rock band with a cocktail of influences fused boldly but brillitantly together to create a hard-hitting, overwhelming experimental rock sound. The Preston outfit combine heavy rock and roll riffs with electronic elements and throw in some screaming vocals just for fun.

The band emerged in 2009 with debut EP W.A.K.E and released their second EP Juveniles in October last year.

The group are not afraid to be different and are carving a name for themselves in the Lancashire music scene. EP Juveniles features four different sounding tracks, whilst outlining with sound of a unique band. Opening track “Wake” serves up confident, stripped down rock and roll, and punk/ hardcore sounding chorus. The EP has a huge range of sounds and ends with the melodic “Elizabeth Bay”.

Playing with like the likes of Example and Pulled Apart By Horses, the band are on the way up. They have experience and charisma. Regulars at the Mad Ferret, they have several upcoming gigs around Preston, and expect them to be taking their chaotic math rock to venues around the North West in the near future.

Upcoming gigs:
Friday, Jun 10, 9:00 pm, Rumes, Preston

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2 thoughts on “Red Rose recommends… Chaotix

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