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SINGLE REVIEW: Where does this leave us now? by Spiders


Spiders are a three piece rock band from Rotherham who have in their time supported One Night Only, Joe Lean, Beggars and Little Man Tate.

Their new promo single “Where does this leave us now?” is out now and available to buy.

Red Rose cast a magical eye over the single to see what it was like…

In promoting the single, Spiders plastered their YouTube video on the YouTube comments pages of bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon and The Smiths. This was a clever move, it gave them free advertising and they have gained 22,000 views on the video for this single.

Clearly by targeting such bands they had an idea of the kind of loose genre they belong to and who they are aiming at.

Those who followed their video trail seem impressed with comments including ‘Pretty Sweet’, ‘holy shit, this is amazing’ and ‘great song/band.’

They have the YouTube community impressed, but what about Red Rose?

Well they have impressed me too. They have written a song that will be accessible to fans of all the bands mentioned and many more. Catchy enough for those who like bands such as The Pigeon Detectives it also has excellent lyrics that get you singing along and some lovely guitar work which create a great hook to the song.

It is a song which seems influenced by all the bands whose YouTube accounts they advertised on and certainly wouldn’t be out of place on an Arctic Monkeys set or say an album by the Reverend and the Makers.

“Where does this leave us now?” Well it leaves me with one more song to add to my Ipod, another song for you lot to go out and buy and it leaves Spiders looking very impressive.

This is not just on the “edge of control”, Spiders are on the edge of being an even bigger hit on YouTube!….

You can find Spiders on Facebook and also buy the single on iTunes or watch it!


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