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ALBUM REVIEW: Redeye’s self titled album

This is the debut album from London five piece Redeye.

The sound of the album according to their Facebook information is ‘epic and stripped down’ with ‘intelligent lyrics about real stuff’. This means that unless they are liars, this should be an interesting listen.

They start aptly enough with “Intro”, which is an instrumental effort. They immediately show an ability to make interesting and different sounds, it is an intriguing opener which hooks you well for an instrumental. Indeed one of the comments made by other listeners is that ‘there are elements of Pink Floyd’ and I must say I can see what they mean, in fact there are elements of Pink Floyd in various bits of the album.

Second track “Stand” has underplayed dark, broody vocals and then the choruses hit higher, screamier sounds. With lyrics like “We can stand up, we can hold on” it becomes something similar to a Bon Jovi song, anthemic rock which is both catchy and rocky.

The next few songs are efforts that hail back to the glory days of rock as they seemingly take inspiration from bands such as AC/DC and Cheap Trick. If you’re a fan of that era then “Smoke and Mirrors” is right up your street with its glorious guitar solos and vocals.

“Mangy Dog” is an aggressive and hard song, with lyrics like “Ain’t gonna be your mangy dog” thrown back at the listener repeatedly, this sounds like it would be very much at home in a room of sweaty, rocking fans.

“Nailed” follows the same pattern of heavy guitars and lots of rocking out.

At this point a couple of the songs begin to mould into one, not really having an effect…

Moving on through, the album skips by until we hit “Surfer” which is a mixture of pop lyrics; “searching for that miracle” and “times like these”, with hard rock vocals and instruments. It is an effective mix.

Another standout track is “Debutant” which has seriously impressive solos and once again shows off the skills of the guitarists Jim Wharf and Neill Webb.

Final track “Planetary” sums up the album with long high notes and broody vocals with solos and rocking guitars holding it together.

Overall then I would say two things: firstly, that the majority of the tracks are excellent songs that rock hard and feel good. There are many impressive parts to the album.

I would, however, suggest that fourteen songs is too long an album for this band. Although there is stand out songs, there are also songs I didn’t mention in the review at all because they simply offer exactly the same as the other songs and have no effect.

Verdict: Buy “Intro”, “Stand” and “Smoke and Mirrors”

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