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EP REVIEW: Now or Never by Fear No Fish

Fear No Fish are a three-piece rock outfit from the pleasant lands of Surrey. They describe themselves as a ‘power trio’ and according to their Facebook have to come to overshadow ‘the pretenders’ on the rock scene.

Their new EP Now or Never is available now and Red Rose decided to have a gander…

‘Stay’ the EP’s opener is a decent enough start with rocking guitars and drums and an interesting tune. As a rock band you expect them to go full power rock straight away but there is a sense of them warming up here, a good sound but it is for the most part fairly restrained and more of a hum along to tune than one that gets you passionately shouting along.

The heavier bits of the song, which come near the end certainly get me more involved with the song but overall a solid start. Certainly ‘Stay’ keeps me listening rather than running off.

Next on the EP comes ‘Mick -e Bubbles’ and it is a song that sounds like it would be absolutely cracking live. Whereas in the first song there was a split between the rocky bit and the more restrained parts, here they mix together much better.

Foot tapping, rocky, catchy and sing a long it is a proper song that rocks and has a  lovely rhythm and accessibility to it. Also ‘I realise you weren’t the girl I knew’ is a line that I think most people can relate to and that gives the song a familiarity I like.

‘Paint by Numbers’  comes next and starts with a slow vocal and a thumping guitar and then after a bit there is some cheeky cymbals as well.

This is also by far the most rocking track with loud almost screamy backing vocals during the chorus. More rocky than the others it certainly rocks out and gives your ears a bashing and would get some serious crowd action going if performed live.

It lacks the craft of the previous song and they have tried to fill that with shouted choruses of ‘Paint by numbers’ does it work? Sort of, it has a good sound but it isn’t as original or as innovative as the previous songs, it’s more sing loud and people will notice us. Still they are good at singing loud…

Moving on we have ‘The Truth’ and this is a song that takes the rocking heavy sounds of ‘Paint by numbers’ but this time rather than just being loud turns into a really good sound and with its quick pace and attitude sounds impressive.

Last but not least (It might be…I haven’t heard it as I write this bit) is ‘Broken.’

It starts with a rather teacher like ‘Stand still I am talking to you’  and as Is dominated with some sharp guitar and some almost chanted and backed up chorus vocals. A decent effort, again it sounds like it would be BIG in a live setting but here it doesn’t quite reach the levels of rockiness of ‘Paint by Numbers’ and doesn’t have the subtlety of ‘Mick- e Bubbles.’ Although the guitar solo about half way through is great stuff.

Overall, this is an EP that shows ability to rock ad in places has some impressive subtle touches. Once they consistently come together rather than in flashes, this could be something very accomplished.

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