Rae Morris Interview

So, you’re 18, how long have you been playing music in front of audiences for?

It’s been just over a year now, starting around January last year. Over that year, I have done as many gigs as possible. I’ve been gigging all over the place really. I don’t know how many exactly, but I have played a lot in Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Preston. I think playing gigs is important in your first year of development.

So, with you only gigging a year, do you still get nervous?

Really nervous, SO nervous. I think it’s good though, because it shows that I care about what I’m doing and that I’m bothered how I come across. I don’t want people to get the wrong idea of me. I think the audience at every gig is really important, no matter where it is.

Is it difficult juggling your college life with playing gigs?

The thing is, is when you’ve got a hobby, you find time for that anyway. Because I love it so much, I would be doing it anyway. It’s like going home watching the TV, but I play music instead. I think it’s made my college work more variable, because If I have something exciting on the saturday, it helps me do my work. I think it’s more difficult for my parents, because they are the ones driving me everywhere. It has been quite hard getting up at 6.30 in the morning after a gig in Leeds the night before, but all really worth it.

Is there any plans for an EP?

Not particularly. Everyone keeps telling me I need to get a CD out there, but I don’t see it as a priority. I wouldn’t want to release a recording that I don’t think is complete yet. I’m waiting for the right time. I have four songs on Myspace, but the first song, “Wait A While” was recorded in college, so it’s not the best quality and I would want to re-record it before releasing it properly. I’m hoping that people will be excited to wait for it.

Is there any plans to get signed?

I have just taken on management, because there’s only so much you can sort out yourself. I have really been working hard the past year to get myself heard but now I have my management. I’m really, really excited and it feels nice to have that backing. Getting signed is a long process and there’s nothing set in stone.

Do people often tell you to go on the X Factor?

Yeah it happens, but I have found that the people who are involved in music themselves and take music more seriously don’t often mention it. I don’t get offended by people telling me that. I think it’s good for some people, but it’s not really my thing. But yeah, people have suggested it.

Where do you wish to be in five years?

Oh God, how old am I in five years? (Counts on her fingers) 23! I definitely like to have brought out an album. I tend to think in shorter terms though. I’m a really impatient person, I’m just really excited about getting recorded and stuff. But in five years, there’s certain places I would have liked to have played, like bigger venues in London. I would have liked to have gone to Europe, travelling the world is something I want to do so much.

Your good friends with Karima Francis, has it helped having someone one step further?

It makes you more aware of the realistic side of the industry. When you first start, you think everything is going to happen so quickly, but realistic, everything is up in the air, and nothing is in concrete. I have watched Karima over the last year, and I have seen how hard she actually works every day. I find that inspiring, she’s my idol.

Bacon Sandwich : Ketchup or brown sauce?

Ketchup – every time.!/pages/Rae-Morris/142691319112680




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