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Daystar interview.


Daystar are not just another band from Manchester. No! Although they like Manchester they also quite like the Stockport area.

Daystar formed in 2009, and since then have been working on tracks such as new single Slip and Dive and also a new album.

Red Rose were taken on a magical mystery bus tour through Manchester with the band and spoke to them about inspirations, football, gigs and margarine.

Questions by Terri Ann Williams and Sam Bennett.

So when did you first form as a band?

Simon: it was about, erm, well we first formed as a live band properly about a year and a half ago, we’ve been playing live for a year, before that I was kinda knocking a few tunes about with two producers I was working with just as hobby and when we got to a point where we felt like we wanted to do more with it we got the live band together and we all just started getting involved.

Ste was involved first, that was about 2 years ago I got Ste involved and said: “what do you think about setting up a band? I’ve got a few tunes that we’ve been writing “he said yeah let’s do it”, he got his cousin Ryan involved who then got his mate Tom involved and we’ve just had a conveyor belt of guitarists ever since, this is our latest incarnation (points at Sam, the young guitarist.)

Why did the last one leave?

Simon: It was because he was the last one to join and he didn’t have any writing duties at all and he’d kinda already been in this other band where he was doing most of the writing and it got to the point where he felt that his other band where gonna go somewhere and it’s a completely different style of music it was more like the XX crossed with James Blake sort of thing but its fair enough if that’s what he wants to do. But were thanking our lucky stars that he did it now aren’t we, we wouldn’t have met Sam otherwise.

What do you base your lyrics on?

Simon: To be honest a lot of the stuff is quite depressing when you think of the content of it.

Ste: Absolutely miserable.

Simon: We like to do depression but in an uplifting way.

Ryan: Death.

Ste: It’s like musical Prozac.

Simon: The ups and downs.

Ryan: Death with a Teletubbies soundtrack behind it

Ste: Eastenders with Teletubbies over it, yeah I like it.

Who in the music industry today would you compare yourself to?

Simon: I’d say we sound a little bit like the La’s.

Tom: A lot of people say Oasis.

Ste: Anyone quite melodic really, I think we’ve got a bit of a Zutons thing but without the saxophone, there’s a band from Liverpool called The Stands, its indie guitar, melodic, anyone in that pigeon hole.

Your all from Manchester, how would you say the Manchester scene has influenced you as a band?

Ryan: Massively the Smiths and stuff like that.

Tom: When I listen to our music I can hear a lot of the Stone Roses in it.

Ste: A lot of people say it’s the 90’s influence but it’s actually more of a 60’s influence.

Simon: It’s like mod.

Ste: The early mod scene, bands from the 60’s. Manchester music is a part of our lives, so there’s gonna be influence there, but it’s not intended that way it’s just what were brought up with.

Simon: You’re just a product of the environment that you’ve been brought up in really, you can’t help but take influences from all the stuff you’ve been grew up with. But we’ve never intentionally thought let’s try and write a song like Oasis or The Stone Roses or any of those band , it’s like everything you’ve gotta take a little bit from everything that you’ve experienced and just mould your own from that.

Where did the name of the band come from?

Simon: The sun.

Ste: Not the newspaper, that’s where he got that hat from. (Points to Ryan who is wearing a rather fetching plastic red bowler hat).

Ryan: It took me two months to save the coupons up for this!

Simon: We just thought that our music is quite warm and uplifting and the sun is also quite warm and uplifting, but it’s also boiling.

Ste: Like Daystar.

Simon: Nothing to do with the Christian TV channel from America (Daystar is an American religion channel.)

It’s really confusing when you type your band in Google and that comes up !

Ste: It’s even worse when your mum phones you up and thinks you’ve got your own TV station.

Ryan: The amount of tags I’ve had on Facebook with that on the side.

Ste: It’s even worse when you tell your mum that it is your TV channel.

Who inspires you as an artist?

Ste: Picasso.

Simon: Everyone’s different.

Ryan: Johnny Marr through and through.

Sam: I’ve been through this before, Bonehead.

Tom: Matt Tong from Block Party.

Sam: If I was being serious I would say John Squire.

Ste: Cher, Cliff Richard…

Simon: I’d probably say Ray Davies out of The Kinks, mixture of Thom Yorke and Martin Luther King , everyone needs a dream don’t the?

What’s your dream venue to play?

Ryan: Glastonbury.

Tom: Glastonbury.

Tom: Without a doubt, on the pyramid stage.

Ryan: With a sunset on a Sunday, there’s no way you can do Glastonbury unless it’s a Sunday closing it.

Where any of you ever in the boy scouts?

Sam: Yes!

Ste: I was!

Si: Still is!

The band is a mixture of United and City fans, what do you think of the season so far?

Simon: United are better, they are! the league doesn’t lie ,but City pulled one over on us in the FA cup which was a bit disappointing really considering we beat Chelsea and Schalke.

Do you not see City overtaking you in the future then?

Si: No

Ste: Of course they will.

Ryan: This season was the one that everyone was expecting it.

Ste: It’s happened in the past when United have overtaken City.

Simon: It happened with Chelsea, they probably will win the league at one stage and beat us in the future but the thing is about United we will have won the league more than any team in this country if we win it this season.

Ste: Yeah but its only took 130 years to do it.

Simon: So what? In recent times, we are still the best team in this country.

Ste: See what you’ve started now?

Ryan: Turn the mic off it’s gonna kick off in a minute! we want this band to be just about football and just do the soundtrack to football really.

Simon: Tom doesn’t even like football; he likes Hugh Lewis and the news…

Tom: I do actually.

As a band is there a lyric you’ve written or heard that you take as inspirational or a way of living your life?

Ste: I get people quoting our lyrics at me now, which is quite mental.

Ryan: Slip and dive though, everyone seems to sing it as Slip and Dive, Slip and Dive (sings in a high pitched voice).

Ste: One of the best ones was at a gig we did and at the end of the set we do a song called Mrs Joe…

Simon: It’s about living in a high rise flat in a council estate, and the type of life someone would have there and it comes from personal experiences of the band.

At the end of it repeats “I can’t explain I can’t explain I can’t explain”…

Some girl came up to me after the gig and said I loved that tune I absolutely loved it, but what can’t you explain? I just said I can’t explain , that’s why I said it , if I could explain I would have carried on .

Ryan: Especially that song, out of any songs that we play in our sets, Mrs Joe is a stand out track for us, it sums it up.

Are there any lyrics from other bands that you’ve kept with you?

Ryan: Times times will smother you, The Smiths.

Ste: I don’t really listen to lyrics because I play instruments.

Ryan: This might sound super gay but there’s a lyric in a queen song that I quite like, it says “I don’t want my freedom, there’s no reason for living with a broken heart.

Ste: That’s deep!

Simon. What songs it from?

Ryan: It’s a hard life, and it is isn’t it?

If there was a band you could perform with whom would it be?

Ryan: Kasabian.

Simon: The Smiths for me .

Ryan: The Smiths for me as well.

Ste: Yeah I reckon Kasabian would be really good supporting us, I do.

Tom: Stone Roses.

Simon: Bombay Bicycle Club, what about you mate?

Sam: I fancy Radiohead.

Where can people see you playing?

Simon: Next month’s quite a good gig, its one we’ve set up ourselves, with No Tokyo ( and The Suns ( at sound control on the 17th June.

Ryan: The band supporting us “The Suns” are shit hot, they have got like a Tarrentino pulp fiction sound.

Ste: We’ve got a gig a month after in the Zante bar in Liverpool.

You’re playing the Clint Boon night, are you a fan of his band?

Ste: Yeah brilliant band

Simon: Don’t take it that we don’t like him because we haven’t mentioned him once yet.

Ste: We’ve mentioned every single other band haven’t we.

If you could be any food what would you be and why?

Tom: Banana

Sam: Margarine

Why would you be margarine?

Sam: that’s a tough question, you can spread it all over anything can’t you, and it’s versatile.

Ste: I’d say alphabetti spaghetti, the idea of people playing with me and spelling out rude words.

Tom: Banana.

Ryan: I’d be a screwball; you get a little treat at the end, like our gig.

Simon : I wouldn’t be a food to be honest if I had to had to just wouldn’t be one , I‘d just refuse to be a food…I’d just say can I be a human please?

Ste: What about a drink?

Simon: If I had to be some sort of drink it would be a Bullet Bourbon, if I had a food it would have to be a chocolate orange because there are so many different segments to my personality.

Would you rather be a tortoise or a giraffe?

Ryan: I’d definitely be a tortoise because everything seems massive, if you go to the Eiffel tower and you’re a tortoise it seems massive and amazing, if you’re a giraffe you’d be like yeah it’s alright.

Ste: I don’t like the idea of carrying my house about though.

And with that Red Rose departed the land of Daystar and climbed aboard our 4 hour bus home.

You can check out Daystar at the following sites:


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