Gideon Conn Interview.


Gideon Conn is a singer/songwriter from Manchester who has played golf, Glastonbury and Glossop. In short, he has seen a lot.

He chatted to Red Rose about his inspirations, sea legs and rain. (And music.)

Tell us the most interesting fact about you that you have

I used to caddy for the golfer Colin Montgomery.

‘Nonce Doing’ is an anagram of your name, would you consider writing a song called this please?

I think noncing code would be better – but in all probability – no.

How difficult is it to be taken seriously as an upcoming artist?

Ya, it is difficult to be taken seriously because I love to entertain people and I think smiling is underrated. It’s really easy to be branded with novelty act status – not so much by fans and audiences but by music press. Any way I don’t worry about it too much cos I enjoy what I do.

Who are your main influences musically? If you could perform once with anyone who would it be?

It varies from time to time. I try to listen to lots of music, as you would. I love Joan as Police woman and Joseph Arthur (he’s coming to band on the wall on may 2nd – you should go)

I always always have time for soul and jazz , and I sight read classical piano for pleasure – it really helps with song writing.

What was the moment for you when you realised you wanted to be a musician

I worked as a builder’s labourer after uni for a year. It was very tiring and I didn’t have much of an evening social life but I had to go once a week to open mic night and sing a couple of songs – it was my creative release. After 8 months I gave up working and was determined to be a full time artist and musician and thankfully I’ve never looked back.

Do you have any EP releases or any gigs coming up that people can see you at?

Saturday 30th April at academy 3 with support from my good friends Josephine and Dr. Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band

What’s your most inspirational lyric? Or one that inspired you by another band?

My song Wildfire….

Poverty, sickening disease of the masses

With symptoms such as being really fucking hungry and angry.

In time the people worst affected learn to abandon

Any hope of seeing money they can lay their hands on.

Random the lottery is won or lost at birth

Either you are blessed with money or without it you are cursed.

There is only one way to set the system in reverse

Put your hands in your pocket and reach for your purse.

You recently played ‘The Big Gig’ in my hometown Glossop. Was it a good gig? Are Glossop crowds up for it?

It was a lovely gig thankyou. Glossop has developed a freakishly large music identity and culture which is amazing.

You played Glastonbury, what was that like?

It was my first ever festival in ’07 and it was a real eye opener. I played twice each day at an intimate tent called Chai Wallahs. People crammed in to avoid the rain and were treated to untold acoustic delights. The audiences came with their ears wide open for new sounds and loved that they could get just a couple of feet away from the stage. The gigs just got better and better.

Your fan facebook page claims your ‘uniquely gifted musically’ whats your unique gift musically?

I didn’t write that, but I do endorse it. I know that I write songs in a different way to other artists and I’m passionate about communicating through those songs.

If you could have any unique gift/power, what would it be?

Sea legs

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