Until Our Time – Single Review

Until Our Time are a six piece from Blackpool. Their current single is “Why So Serious”.

The song is catchy and melodic, with a great hook. The guitars are tuned low and the song begins with a great drum fill – packed with double bass pedal. The band have done well in keeping the listener interested for just over four and a half minutes. The song has enough elements and sub parts that the song doesn’t feel outplayed or repetitive.

However, I think the track is hindered with poor quality sound recording. Although the band have managed to squeeze in a few successful effects, the overall quality is poor. The guitars are too fuzzy, the vocals are too prominent and everything else sounds a bit muffled. I’m also not too keen on the doubled vocals in the breakdown, where the two different singers, both sing two different lines and melodies to intertwine – Blink 182’s “Feeling This” is a great example – I found that Until Our Time have attempted this, and maybe down to recording, or down to the fact the parts simply don’t gel well, it doesn’t quite hit the spot.

Overall, I like the song. It has a catchy feel, but still manages to be heavy. The screaming vocals are adequate, along with the singing. I imagine that the song, and probably the bad – being a six piece – would sound a lot better live.

The band’s lined up gigs are below.

Friday, May 13
7:00 pm
Bitter suite

Sunday, May 15
5:00 pm
Black Bull



One thought on “Until Our Time – Single Review

  1. check out their new tune!

    Posted by spow | June 26, 2012, 9:28 pm

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